Heads up – Sudbury Thief

Broke into my vehicle at 2:30 in the afternoon.

He stole my sons I pod, 2 golf buddie, gps, my change tray, value of about 800$.



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  1. Lindsay D says:

    Happened to me a couple of weeks ago I normally don’t leave things of value in my car as its been broken into a couple of times already, but I accidentally forgot my wallet in a little reusable bag I had been using as a purse on the front seat, of course it was taken. Thankfully one of neighbors was up having a smoke cause he must of startled the guy into dropping my bag which he then grabbed. I was very lucky that I got my stuff back. Apparently it might’ve been 2 ppl cause my ownership n insurance papers were found in another area then my bag.

  2. Johnny Salami says:

    Break his hands with a hammer, if you catch him.

  3. Ralph says:

    I’ve got a video of this fucker trying to break into my buddy’s car on king street in the middle of the afternoon

  4. Jay says:

    I bet that bike he’s using is stolen too just saying

  5. Stephen Bailey says:

    Last year, my first e-bike was stollen. It took me about a year, but threw rent to own I brought home my new e-bike about 2 weeks ago. I had it in my position all of four days when my e-bike was stolen in broad daylight from Landsdowne Public School at around 11h30 AM. He cut very steardy wires and disarmed the loud alarm with such ease that it never even sounded. For me, this was my way to get to work, not just a convenience thing. And I still owe over $ 500.00 on it. What he doesn’t know is that he was caught on video stealing it. What we didn’t have was a name and a location on where to find him. This looks like the same guy!! Police say he has been responsible for a rash of crimes in the area. His picture is currently in the paper because they are trying to identify who he is.

    If you know his name, where to find him and can prove he did the crime, why wouldn’t you want him charged?? The crime spree needs to end !!

  6. Jacob Miller Jacob Miller says:

    Would be a good idea to tell us what area for a heads up. Had my car and neighbors cars searched through. Downtown bridge of nations area.

  7. Shane G-Roy Shane G-Roy says:

    Leave poison infused marihuana in the center console. Like rat poison this Will take time for you to notice any difference if any at all 😉

  8. My husband found a backpack full of wallets and ID’s in the Flour Mill area today and brought it to the OPP station, if you’re missing any you should call and see if they have yours!

  9. Jeff g says:

    but the immigrants from India and Pakistan through out A&W cup on Lasalle!

  10. Lock your doors… simple, automotive manufacturers have been installing locks in their doors since 1920…

  11. Shawn Irving Shawn Irving says:

    Why aren’t people setting these punks up yet? Get a couple buddies, go to one of the car hopping hot spots, put some stuff in your car and just wait for these little degenerates to show up.

  12. Bob says:

    Yes, he frequents the mission and also seen alot at Tim Hortons. I think that’s where he sells his ill gotten wares.

  13. Anonysaurus says:

    His name is Travis, you can find him at the mission on Elgin street between 5 & 7:30pm

  14. Kick his ass sea bass

  15. Jesus. I went to work for 8 hours today. Only earned $150. I’m doing it wrong.

  16. Lynn Lalande says:

    a post that I shared to my wall from yesterday…….
    Tania VanNorman
    Yesterday at 9:14 PM
    Darryl Dalyk lives at Rumball Terrace. Last night he broke into cars at the Caruso Club and the downtown area for a long time now. As my son was working his ass off and has been for 7 months. Darryl decided he’d smash both windows on my car, which my son uses. I posted on Facebook, and beautiful souls responded within 10 mins. 30 minutes, we had an address and picture. Gloves and the black hoodie he was wearing. I’m overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers. My windshields and the damage Darryl did is about $1000. But you hurt my son, emotionally! This Momma Bear doesn’t play by the rules of ignorant men. It’s the law of nature. You hurt my cub. You got next to nothing from the car. Darryl you are a piece of shit. I can call the cops, but I won’t. Cause the Justice System sucks big Ganga balls. 1-3 yrs of court, no thanks. You’ll be out on bail, keep doing what your doing. So tomorrow Darryl’s going to sign up for rehab. We are giving him a chance to change his ways. Vigilante……..karma!

    ALSO this one

    Jennifer Dodd
    Follow · Yesterday ·

    On Simcoe street stealing from cars….lock your doors!

    Same guy different pic…..

  17. Dani Chev Dani Chev says:

    Just put a stick threw his rim or make a bait bike!

  18. This looks like the same guy that tried to break into my vehicle last Tuesday night in West End. We chased him away and the cops were here within a minute…didn’t catch him ☹ assholes!!

  19. Tan N Jack Tan N Jack says:

    New Sudbury 2 nights ago:(. Nothing was in car that would even entice someone to break window.

  20. Tiff Amyot Tiff Amyot says:

    Oh no!! Hope he gets a good dose of karma!!

    • karma never does a damn thing to anyone. saying shit like “karma will get them” works as good as praying to some imaginary man in the sky.. what people like him need is, a baseball bat across the head.. violent? sure, but will do the trick

  21. Sad…you got to keep things out of sight.

  22. Kori Marie Kori Marie says:

    Keep an eye on the market place. He may try to sell the items there.

  23. Alex Charest Alex Charest says:

    That looks like the guy that walked into my parents front yard and stole my bike in daylight while my dad was in the garage. It was caught on camera but the angle of the sun makes it hard to see details. Greater sudbury last August.

  24. Britt Any Britt Any says:

    That guy hangs out at the mission


  26. Alot of break-in Around Van Horne also my 42 inch Samsung flat screen stolen out of my locker ..and car & trucks also .

  27. Tracy Baker Tracy Baker says:

    Sad sad sad. When you can’t have anything.

  28. Gabby Davis Gabby Davis says:

    The fact that daryl has 4 kids, is fuckibg sad! You would think the first one would make some one wanna get clean! Fucking loser scum bag!

  29. I know lots of break entres around kathleen

  30. Hope someone recognizes him and teaches him a lesson before turning him in. Assholes who have no respect for others properties deserve zero compassion.

  31. What area? Lots of car break ins around st george

  32. He looks like someone I used to know.

  33. Don’t get it ..Tell me why people leave valuable in their car …WHY ! …they know better ..Hope u get it back & Learnt something ..

    • I forgot to mention that my wife return home at 226 and he broke in at 228 I went out and notice at 231 it wasn’t locked bc we were dropping off our grandmother and heading out to get a first communion cake for our kids the picture is when he’s watching her get out of the vehicle ! At the near by corner store and there’s a video of 9 mins showing her going in the house him arriving and me leaving !!!! It’s unbelievable

    • STOP VICTIM BLAMING. The thief is the issue.. Seriously…

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Shawna Larose it’s both actually…
      If people didn’t leave valuables in the vehicle then thieves wouldn’t be interested…
      Even police especially at xmas say lock it or lose it…

    • Jen Stone BS..i paid for my vehicle you have no right to be in it!!!! They belong TO ME!!! Not a thief…we shouldn’t have to live in fear or our cars and homes being locked 100% BS

    • Jen Stone If they weren’t a useless disrespectful excuse of a human, they wouldn’t approach or even look in the vehicles to see what’s available.

    • Louise Lajeunesse ..oh my God ,! …where have u been .???????

    • Jen Stone i get what you are saying, but its going beyond that. People getting their windows smashed in too pretty sad world and pathetic ass junkies.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Layla McJannet I agree with you…

    • Carolle Lehouiller am I wrong?? Or is it ok if i go rummage thru ur car locked or unlocked?? Is that my right?? NO..its ur stuff..not mine

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      In a perfect world you should be able to leave your car doors or house unlocked…but we don’t live in a perfect world…

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Louise Lajeunesse guess you don’t lock your house or car then…

    • Jen Stone I’m not saying don’t lock your doors, but in the end, blaming the victim is ridiculous. And this situation, they were running in and out.. That means DESPITE what was in the vehicle, this asshole thief planned to run to the vehicle regardless.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Shawna Larose I’m not defending anyone…
      Glad the world you live in an unrealistic world that has no crime and where you can trust everyone…

      I’ll stick to locking my doors and doing what I can to deter criminals…

      Best of luck to you though…

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Carolle Lehouiller no need to apologize…

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Carolle Lehouiller no need to apologize…

    • Kori Marie Kori Marie says:

      I think the point here is that no one but yourself belongs in your vehicle, regardless if you leave or forget something valuable in your car. Its the principal of it all.

    • Lucy Simcoe Lucy Simcoe says:

      Layla McJannet Exactly, these morons will break your windows just to look inside to see there are no valuables. They don’t care because they don’t know what its like to work for something and pay for it on their own

    • Lorelle Brazeau where are you located ?
      My husbands boss’s car was broken into yesterday afternoon as well…

    • Are you serious ? When you bring your groceries in do you lock your doors between trips in an out of the house ! Bc this happen in a 7 min span !

    • Jen Stone I’m sorry it my fault my sons is in 2 braces from sick kids so yes sometimes he’ll forget his stuff in the car he is only 8 yrs old and has 2 8” cuts behind his legs !! So I’ll make sure to tell him that it’s his fault !!! Thx for the advice

    • Neil Daggett says:

      So i guess we should always make sure our house doors are locked 24/7 too then right? Because with that logic, it’s your own fault if someone decides to walk into your house and rob you. I have locks and alarms on my car doors. I have an expectation that some shit head isn’t going to come along and take MY property. Whether you leave valuables in your vehicle or not is irrelevant. Why does the victim have to learn a lesson? Shouldn’t the crook have to learn the lesson? If I catch someone stealing from me, i’ll try my best to teach them a lesson they will never forget. I work hard for my money and i don’t appreciate people taking liberties because they feel it’s their right. What they are doing is hard work….so take that energy and go get a legit job you idiots. What can you fence shit for? nowadays, 20% the value? Do these idiots breaking into cars not realize the concept of risk to gain value? I mean, who would risk never being able to walk again for some loose change and some junk electronics? Break my window or damage the vehicle??? Yeah, I won’t abide by that. For those of you living in the Montrose Mall and Lasalle area, if you ever see a guy in the middle of the night walking down the middle of the street. It’s me, I go for walks cause it’s quieter and nicer. I usually wear clothing no one skulking around would wear (not good for hiding). I walk down the middle of the street so no one can mistake me for someone near their driveways or vehicles on the street. Community based Policing. I walk for exercise, but make it obvious there is a witness around and try to deter “prowlers”. For my neighbors as well as for my own sake. Community safety is everyones responsibility. Lets all try to be good neighbors and help stop this crap from happening.

    • Mary Smith Mary Smith says:

      Lorelle Brazeau being a little dramatic don’t you think? Nice touch though.
      No one is specifically blaming your son, someone asked why do people keep valuables in their car.

      Actually, I lock my vehicle in between trips when I bring my purchases into my house. I also lock my vehicle when I return my shopping cart to the cart return.

  34. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    That sucks, hope u guys catch the guy.

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