Heads up Minnow Lake peeps!

Shoutout to all my Minnow Lake peeps! This guy tried breaking into our truck this morning at 6 am! Lock your vehicles.

He was riding a dark blue bike with a front yellow frame and had a red sweater with a black jacket and ball cap holding a red bag.



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  1. Jeff g says:

    something tells me he is an immigrant from india or pakistan? Isn’t that so fellow racist Sudburians?

  2. James Brady James Brady says:

    We need to get rid of gsps and hire opp!!!!

  3. this guy is gonna get a beating if i see him

  4. Saw this guy walking with the bike and walking a girl toward Landsdowne public school this morning. Perhaps a parent of a student there

    • No name says:

      When you saw him what age do you think he is?
      Teenager or much older? It’s hard to tell by the picture because it’s blurry…

  5. I wonder if you could rig a wild game camera up INSIDE the car, facing out the window… From past experience, police get more interested when they have a good clear face shot.

  6. Kim Metcalf Kim Metcalf says:

    Sheldon B and Kimberley Larkman

  7. I agree with Don … Won,t steel for a while…

  8. same guy thats been on other ppl’s post’s with videos

  9. Brave man to be doing this around here.

  10. I’m not batman but rather Louisville slugger man

  11. Justin Bidal this sounds like the same guy that was in our back yard!!!!!

  12. Nothing a baseball bat to both his hands won’t fix

  13. In Northern Heights / Donovan as well !! Broken into last nite

  14. Tina Loyer Tina Loyer says:

    Ashley Reid Joshua Reid ugh another one..

  15. Joe Wilson Joe Wilson says:

    Why wouldnt the police just pick him up before someone trips on his face while stepping on a curb?

  16. Looks like the same guy lurking around the bingo parking lot yesterday. The guy yesterday also had a big red bag

  17. Thought I seen this guy on another post today.

  18. Tyler Pilon Tyler Pilon says:

    Should have said nothing and beat that little goof with a bat

  19. Lucy Simcoe Lucy Simcoe says:

    He doesn’t look like a kid. What a moron, get a job loser

  20. they break windows if lock! Dont keep anything in vehicles!

    • Perfect opportunity to take everything out of your vehicle and just tape sticky notes on the steering wheel like “good luck tard” and “you’re on candid camera”.

  21. The world needs batman….come on billionaires step up

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