Has it ever occurred to you

[Trigger warning] This is more for the peanut gallery on fentanyl and other opioid use and not for the ones who already know what I’m talking about.

Has it ever occurred to you they love the rush they get right before they die?

Because that’s exactly what it is. I have heard this years ago from my 3 friends who have died and were brought back by narcan.

Most if them do it purposely. They take the most rhey can. One friend said its the best feeling in the world. Just floating light air. Then when they flat line or OD , Buddy jams the narcan into em. Sometimes people die and don’t come back though. Some people take 3 to 4 narcans in a row before coming back. Some never do. Uta a gamble most of them are willing to take. Know these are seasoned addicts. Once at this level they will never go back to living a normal life. By choice. Feed them, keep them alive but you’ll never be able to turn their life around once they’ve the taste into them for it. Normies can’t compete. Youre just another possible source for money or supplies. Quit trying to be the hero. Succumb to their needs or walk away. You’ll never “fix” them. Pardon the pun 🤷‍♂️



3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just stop enabling the junkies need cops to just clear me out and run me either into jail or outta town already

  2. Anonymous says:

    To the guillotine with them and the dealers!

  3. pmlaberge says:

    Sadly, I fear that for many, you may be right. They enter this “alternate world” and then they sadly cannot escape.