Has anyone opened a book ever

This is basic knowledge to most but it needs to he said for the losers in the back

A little girl needs her daddy just as much as she needs a good mommy present and available to help raise her or she will end up an adult who has to work hard at fixing certain things only having two parents can provide

A little boy needs his mommy just as much as he needs a good daddy present and available to help raise him or he will end up an adult who has to work hard at fixing certain thinks only having two parents can provide.

Yin and yang, male female. A balance of both positive energies are needed to raise a balanced human adult. Present. Involved in the small and the big things during life. Present. Contributing. Time. Consistency. Both parents make life easier for the child. It can still be done without both but the child will be missing many important traits, Lessons and issues and they will need to use valuable time later in life to sort it out on their own. Just facts. I know becasue iam one of those kids who had to waste precious time learning things as an adult my friends with two present parents already learned way before i did. Some kids never even get the chance at a good life because of it. Wake up. Takes both male and female mom and dad to provide insight balance and everything important.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Unless he’s a pedophile. I know why your wife left you.

  2. Androgynous andy says:

    in the not to distant future it will not matter, as a transhumanist once we here at the WEF give you your gene therapy everyone will be trans