I’ve lived in downtown for a little over 13 years and the place is a cesspool. It’s almost impossible to walk for one day without being asked for spare change.

Like last week, I was purchasing a few items at Doyle’s Marketplace in the Rainbow Mall and made the mistake of pulling out too much money from my pockets. I wasn’t even out of the store and one shithawk of a person who was sitting at the chairs in front of the store in the mall hallway came up to me asking me for money. I had to walk around this person to get out of the store.

Now today, I go to Shoppers Drug Mart on ELm Street and purchased some chicken nuggets that were on sale. I figured I would go to Doyle’s Marketplaceand purchase some plum sauce. Well it never happened due to so much theft that I was told I couldn’t go shopping because I had a bag with items. Even though I had a receipt for the items in it. They expected me to leave my bag behind. Like phuck that noise. They can’t protect their own goods or stop panhandlers from harassing customers. Am I stupid to think they would watch out for my bag?

BTW: I am not a thief and nor even been charged for such. It’s getting sad when all these crackhead, junkie, thieves are causing normal people to be harassed for being normal and having money. But hey, lets give the crackhead junkies all the needles they want. It will fix things I suppose.



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  1. Beggary is a state of extreme poverty – by definition. It’s a weird dynamic when poor beggars are judged without a dignified approach by poor faith.

  2. Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

    It WOULD fix itself, if we outlawed NARCAN.

  3. Don’t know why anyone would shop there. Everything is overpriced. Have you looked at what they charge for a bag of milk? They’re ripping people off. PoS store and owner.

  4. While I don’t like the pan handling anymore than anyone else, I think if I owned that store I might want people to leave their bags at the front as well. Can you imagine the shoplifting that store endures being right in the middle of the dump? Oops, I mean downtown.

  5. They treat everyone like thieves there. Hate shopping there. Will never go back. They even block the cashs that arent in use with stands so you cant exit from there lol so only one entrance and one exit and you bet they watch you like a hawk!

  6. Miss Gee says:

    Canadian Tire does the same thing, wanted me to leave my small bag with my phone and wallet at customer service but wouldn’t take responsibility if lost or stolen … I have taken my business elsewhere.

  7. I can’t even shop at the Marketplace anymore. The owner has been awful to me for no reason at all. I then heard him be unnecessarily rude to other people for no reason while I was waiting to be cashed out. It appeared that he had negative words to say to anybody who stepped foot in the store. I’ve heard a couple stories from some professional friends as well that were so cringey.

  8. Colin Amer Colin Amer says:

    Just count yourself lucky that your worst problem seems to be that those less fortunate ask you for some spare change (or at least you perceive it to be a big enough problem that you feel the need to anonymously whine about it). I also go to Doyle’s Marketplace from time to time, and do you know what I do when I go there? Leave my bag with a cashier. Shut up.

  9. Daniel North Daniel North says:

    It is annoying. I’ve had people get upset with me after saying, “No, sorry” in the most polite way, and had a glass bottle thrown at me just for walking by someone sitting on the sidewalk.

    I thought they’re not supposed to panhandle on private property. I see that all the freakin’ time. It makes me really uncomfortable after coming out of the bank or a store, because in their minds they’re thinking you must have cash.

    Lastly, I get that there’s a lot of panhandling at the grocery store, but you should not have to leave your fucking personal belongings at the front. If they haven’t been able to handle theft in the store, why the fuck should I trust them with my shit? Ridiculous policy.

  10. People actually buy chicken nugs from the pharmacy ?

  11. Preach! It is a cesspool and it should be sterilized

  12. Here we go again .. I go to the market in the mall with my gym bag .NP .. people complaining about downtown ..well news flash .. it’s everywhere .not just Sudbury ! ..why people post it on here … won’t change a dam thing .just my opinion ..

  13. You know, someone asks for something and if you don’t want to give it To them, you simply say no or sorry or whatever you want and walk away.

  14. Elle Bee Elle Bee says:

    I’ve gone to the bank downtown, was asked for money by 2 females sitting outside the bank, said no, did some banking that couldn’t be done online, left bank same 2 females asked for for money again, said no again, I crossed the street & they followed me saying “you should have some money now, you came out of the bank, you were in there long enough”… I was totally taken aback & I popped into Peddlars Pub which was my best experience that day & I have not been back downtown since…that was 5 yrs ago and I don’t miss it!

  15. If being asked for spare change is all you complain about be happy you’re not a woman being followed by a man forced to take a different route home that adds 30 minutes to a walk with an infant because she’s forced to be nice and comply so they don’t get hurt. From the bus terminal to Lansdowne asking for a phone number a taste of mom and when’s dad coming home. Please don’t worry if they just want your 5 cents

  16. Roger Blake Roger Blake says:

    Well said. This city is going to Hell. Thanks to low life addicts.

  17. You know there is a word you learnt as a toddler. Just use it:No. Marketplace has there no bags bigger than a purchase due to high volume of theft.

  18. When I went to the market place downtown to grab a few things like ketchup and what not, my boyfriend brought his backpack in cause he carries both our prescriptions in it that should be with me or him at all times and we were told to leave our bag at the front… I was honestly kinda pissed off because I shouldn’t have to leave my bag with my medication that I need at the front of the store expecting the fucking cashier to watch it like they get paid enough to care… probably won’t ever shop there even if I’m in a bind like I was went I went in to buy a god damn bottle of ketchup…

  19. I go into Doyle’s all the time with my gym bag and they never ask me to leave it behind.

  20. Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

    Ask if they take debit. That’s what I do . They laugh ,I laugh , I go about my day .

  21. ThatGuy says:

    Its not just Sudbury, we arent that special

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