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My nephew is getting married in June, I live in Kingston and am going to be in Sudbury for the wedding, looking for a place my sister and I can get our hair and make up done and I can call from Kingston to book the appointment.



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  1. Kerri Dawson Kerri Dawson says:

    Jennie Vis with Platinum Studio

  2. Faye Thorpe is amazing with hair.

  3. Faiella Classic Hair on Regent St….Soni is amazing.

  4. Charm plus at the Lexington hotel. They do both hair and makeup.

  5. I can do makeup and I have a friend who’s a hairstylist Juliaa Ruth

  6. Definitely Faye Thorpe!

  7. Jean Young Jean Young says:

    wow, thanks so much for the names of places, will be writing these down and talking to sister to book a place,

  8. Ginger Niemi Ginger Niemi says:

    Matt James at Salon Elite. Check out his FB page.

  9. Tammy Latendre-phillips Nova Smith

  10. Jude McCann Jude McCann says:

    Faiella Classic Hair on Regent St., ask for Doreen Holz

  11. Cody Riggi Bellissima hair design by Cody Riggi

  12. Doris Bisson Doris Bisson says:

    Changes Salon 705 805 3335

  13. Tisha’s Place Unisex Hairstyling 7055602821 very good and very reasonable

  14. Shannon Manolal is your girl!

  15. Jennifer at Nils Centre is excellent!

  16. Chelsea Jade for sure!!

  17. Hair and makeup Revive Salon with Afsoon Mushtaq

  18. Byrko Pam Byrko Pam says:

    For hair .. Chennelle at Faiellas classic hair … she’s amazing

  19. For hair message Creative Concept Hair by Chelsea Jade

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