Guy who works at costco

I was at the Costco at the end of last month. I think the guy putting my items back in the cart was trying to pick me up, but I was with my grandparents so I couldnt do much.

You complimented my haircut and we talked until your coworker told you that you had work to do. I really regret not giving you my number!

If you see this, and you were flirting with me, comment what we were talking about so that I can shoot you a message!



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  1. James says:

    Maybe he was just being nice. Too many people confusing that with flirting nowadays.

  2. Costco graduate says:

    It was me! We have talked about A&W coupons and awesome savings on Kirkland batteries.
    It was a pleasure having this causal conversation with you too, and I even got a slight erection!
    Actually, I live in Costco, so please don’t be a stranger, men’s bathroom – second stall as you come in! I reeeealllly liked your extra long toe finger on your left foot btw!

    Hope to see you soon love! :)))

  3. John Brown John Brown says:

    Are yoh male or female.

  4. Jo Zee Jo Zee says:

    Maybe he’s gay and was just striking up a conversation because he felt a friendly connection with you.

  5. Are you for real? Give your contact info to some guy!

  6. Blake Tost Blake Tost says:

    Be fair.. Post a photo of yourself on here.. Just in case he was mack’n on MULTIPLES that day… And doesn’t wanna meet up with ya if you were in the “Lower/Uglier percentage” of all the chicks he put feelers out to. POST A PIC! POST A PIC! POST A PIC!!! Maybe you’ll get lucky as well.. And end up landing yourself an even HANDSOME’ER man Than Apu From Costco?

  7. Roger Blake Roger Blake says:

    Go back and buy a Kirkland hair remover… he’ll find you

  8. Just go back there… look for him. Before you go take a couple shots…

  9. Good way to get buddy fired lol.

  10. JC Wilson JC Wilson says:

    Lmao you will now prob have all the dudes from Costco in ur dms

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