Green hair

Please help I have coloured hair but since Nov every time I colour m hair and is done at the hairdressers it goes green, , I need help to understand, why this is happening, losing the will to livr



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  1. Ash over blonde = green…

    • Like others have said only red can cut that unless you strip out but then you risk more damage. In the future you should check to ensure they’re not using an ASH because unless you have red tones in your hair you’re going to end up greenish.

  2. Do you draw your water from a well ? I’m a redhead & went to a hairdresser to colour my hair. My hair started turning green & I was horrified. She said it was because of our well water & the iron in my water. I don’t know what she did, but I left with light copper-coloured hair. This was 20+ yrs ago, but I’ve since moved & coloured my hair many times without this issue.

  3. If you were using some colours from Ion (from Sally’s) and then used a lightener (bleach) on it… that will give it a green hue for a long long time no matter how many fillers you put on it. Congratulations, there are metallic deposits in their colour that oxidize when combined with any regular developers and lightener turning your hair a wonderful tarnished copper green like an old penny. You can continue putting reds on it but in the light you’ll be able to see the green underneath.

    Hair is the crappiest canvas.

  4. Definetly see a different hair dresser

  5. I have a bottle of javex, I can fix your hair!

  6. Rub feces in your hair. Repeat when necessary

  7. Sue Gardiner Sue Gardiner says:

    Sounds like you might be in the wrong tones. Ash tones can give olive green tint. Go see another hairdresser for sure. Lord’s and Ladies on Lasalle they’ll fix you up for sure!

  8. Summer Heat Summer Heat says:

    Green and red are opposite on the color wheel so red undertones should cancel out green. I’ve heard to try ketchup, I’m not sure if it works, but its worth a try.

  9. You need to fill your hair with a red tone colour only then do an all over darker colour
    Red is the only way to cover green and fill light hair

  10. S.d. Lindsay S.d. Lindsay says:

    Maybe it’s your calling….

  11. Jess Dawn Jess Dawn says:

    Send me a picture of it I’m a hairstylist.

  12. Anne Williamson any suggestions?

  13. Please go see a reputable hair dresser…. your hair should never be green (unless you asked for it to be green). Studio C Hair Salon << Crystal is the best!

  14. Go to a different salon you fucking idiot. Lol

  15. Sounds like your “hairdresser” isn’t using a filler..

  16. hair going green early start for st patricks

  17. Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

    Go to a different salon, and ask their opinion.

  18. You have a shitty hairdresser. Go see a color specialist. You will probably also need a deep conditioning, as well as color application.

  19. Was your hair blond before? If so, did your stylist use a filler on your hair before colouring it?

  20. I’d understand if u did it yourself . But a hairdresser should know . If it happens every time u do it , then stick to your natural color or go green .

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