Greedy Landlords

I’m so sick of seeing landlords posting places for 1500+ utilities (and the doors are all painted shut or the unit was painted by toddlers/is super outdated) thinking some single person can come into their unit and afford to live paying that much.

I’m so sick of seeing no pets, I get it. You’ve had bad experiences renting to animal owners, well guess what, most people in 2021 own at least a fucking cat. Given how many people ran out and adopted “emotional support animals” you think you’ll be able to rent to someone with no animals?

Then they go add no parking, and if you need parking it’s $50 extra a month. Need storage?another 50, no smoking (I’m not a smoker anyway), like what am I supposed to do in the comfort of my apartment, just sit there?

I have paid for applications that landlord’s never get back to you on, they don’t even make the effort to call references. I see the same places posted over and over asking for long term tenants, which i want to be and they refuse because we don’t make 4 times the amount of the rent. Sorry? But if I made 4x the cost of your rental unit, don’t you think I would own a house? “Credit score must be over 700” again, don’t you think I would own my own house if I had great credit? I understand it’s not the landlords fault, nor is it up to them to give you a chance because bad credit but just because someone has bad credit doesn’t mean they can’t be a good renter.. how can you deny someone having animals, how can you deny someone who has a spouse and say single occupancy only?

I’m sorry being a landlord clearly sucks, but trying to rent from all you fucking greedy landlords also sucks, we shouldn’t have to give you every last detail about ourselves in the last 4 years in order to apply and get zero response. I don’t know what landlords that never reply do with information like photocopies of ID, drivers license number,last 2 years of living info, last 2 years of employment history, SIN, BANK ACCOUNT INFO like what? Why do landlords need to see my zero dollars in my savings account? Lmao trust me landlord no one has savings at this point and no one can really afford you place but they make it happen and starve so they have a roof over their heads.. (yes I know don’t fill out info life sin of you don’t want to, but they literally skip your application if you don’t provide this information.

I’ve been looking for 5+ months for a unit and nothing. I’m going to be living on the streets at the end of the month because landlords are greedy, because I have a dog who’s extremely well trained for apartment living and they refuse to give anyone a chance outside of students. You think students can manage going to school full time and working full/part time in order to pay rent? Even at part time students would have to live with at least 3 people to afford rent, and how the hell are a bunch of college aged children more reliable than adults with families and jobs? If I were a landlord I’d be worried about roommates not getting along and constantly having a revolving door of trying to find new roommates versus renting a whole unit to a family or roommates that are not kids and have already lived together long term. I’m convinced there’s no winning for anyone right now, every viewing I attend there are 10+ other people standing there trying to do the same thing. Kijiji ads get posted and 7 minutes later they have hundreds of views. There’s seriously HUNDREDS of us about to be homeless and no one gives a shit.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s like this all over the country.
    Trust me lol I’ve been looking at relocation.
    I’m thinking I might tiny home, camper trailer

  2. Anonymous says:

    NEVER give your SIN to anyone!! This shit sounds like a total scam taking money for nothing… is that Eve n legal? I’d find out… and if you gave your SIN to some unknown stranger you better start checking your financials… sucks to be you : (

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s going to keep getting worse, the liberals have taken it upon themselves to syphon off the excess population from other parts of the world. Meanwhile the prices of lumber is outrageous because they are shipping all our materials to china. Everything is supply and demand people.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i pay 800 all in and have a parking spot

    very sorry to hear not all the landlord in sudbury are so understanding.

    in jan i was homeless and only because my dad called an old friend was i able to make this happen so i know the struggle you are going through

    even though i was homeless i had firsts and lasts in hand as well as a source of income through EI, a car, jobs lined up etc, they still made me fill out their stupid credit forms and were asking insane prices for tiny apartments.

    i don’t know what has happened to this town. in the last 5 years the rent for single people has jumped from 700-800 to 1000+ and it is just sad 🙁

  5. Artyom says:

    I have to agree wholeheartedly with this person hope they are able to find a home. I have similar experiences looking for an apartment though my hardships are different being a contract worker off contract no one wants to even look at me after I say I’m on EI despite working for this company for 3 years now and always being called back. The rent rates for simply wanting to live alone are insane and insulting to any up and coming professional in this town.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Landlords want to retire some day too.

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