Good insurance companies for under 25

Can anyone recommend insurance companies locally who specialize in insurance for under 25?

My son has 2 minor infractions and Belair Direct cancelled him.



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  1. Sonnet insurance you can get a quote on line and it’s the price you pay

  2. These guys were good when I was a young driver.

  3. Belair usually takes anyone . With two infractions and a cancellation of policy , you’ll have a hard time. You’ll need to go with a high risk insurance which requires deposit. Google high risk insurance.

  4. Ben Stronge Ben Stronge says:

    Co operators for me. I’m under 25 with 3 infractions and it’s still cheap for my car

  5. Co-operators has always been cheaper than the competition for me

  6. United Insurance on Kingsway ask for Robert he will shop around to find u the best

  7. Go to Cambrian insurance. They’ll shop around for him

  8. Call me 705–522-7900 I can look at a few different options for you

  9. Matt Woito Matt Woito says:

    I just got Allstate switched from intact literally I paid 230 a month for two vehicles and they wanted to up it to 300$ and I’ve been with them for 5 years plus and Allstate offered 170 a month crazy how they can just. Scam you like that like why is it differant everywhere you go stupid

  10. Al Manion Al Manion says:

    Give the kid a bus pass.

  11. Melanie at Allstate on Lasalle. Excellent to deal with.

  12. Must not be that minor as i am with Belaire and at one point had 3 minor tickets… this was when i was under 25 as well.

  13. Julie Walli Julie Walli says:

    See Debbie at Active Insurance. She saved us tons. Got my boy a new policy with Economical Insurance. She did wonders for my son who had an accident and got us a new insurance company for half the price. 705 674 9678. Our Price went from $400/month to $250.00/month

  14. Matt Secord Matt Secord says:

    go through Cambrian, get Intact.. its good prices

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