Going insane and there’s no end

Searching for outlets for my hubby and child:

Working from home and being a parent is super hard… I’m sure Im not the only one who feels this way but seriously, I physically cannot entertain my kids anymore. Dangerously, I’m getting very annoyed of them! Are there any day cares out there that are open during covid?

I would even take my child out of virtual learning for the rest of the year, my child isn’t learning anything anyway, it’s just SK. Does that make me a bad parent? I really need an outlet here… I physically cannot so it anymore.

My husband and I are super normal people, professionals in the community, we work a lot but also like to have fun. However, we have no friends. Most of the people we call friends are people business people we do business with. There are no sports, no gatherings.

Is there anything secretly going on that can allow us to breath? Meet new people. My husband looks so sad. He’s having a harder time than me and he’s such a positive person.

I wish he had a man friend to go throw a football with, shoot some hoops and then sit and have a couple beers… but he has no one. He’s a great guy. I even thought of approaching a few men that I know (that I think he’d hit it off with) and initiating a man-date but that would be weird. Is that weird? Maybe the people that I think he’d hit it off with are also lonely? He’s not one to initiate a man-date. He thinks it should happen naturally and that it would be too out-of-nowhere.

He’s not a huge party-er… but a man friend who he can have a few beers with and then be back home for 9am would be ideal.

We really needs manly outlets!
Are there secret covid day cares that no one is talking about?
Any men going to throw a football on a sunny day that my hubby can join in on and bring a six pack of beers in a cooler and just shoot the shit?

A caring mother and wife



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  1. Anonymous says:

    It would be difficult to meet people right now due to the social distance rules however the province updated the vaccine rollout again, it’s likely your age bracket will come up within a month or so. Look for some easing of restrictions by mid-summer it looks like.
    Depending on his activity level there’s a lot of rec leagues that would normally be operating…dodgeball…there’s 3 cycling clubs in town if he may be into bicycling (however the shops are ridiculously sold out at present…in the expensive shops like 365 and Outside Store). He’s definitely not alone…I live alone, have a great group of friends however they exist only on Zoom at present…this might be a good time to research some things to try when things start opening up later this year.

    If he identifies some things that he may want to try later it could lead to something to look forward to.

    I met a great group of people at the jiu jitsu club at Montrose Mall, industry workers, some police, young / older (I’m 41)…I can’t speak more highly of the club. Sudbury BJJ. Very relaxed atmosphere…I have some minor injuries and they assured I wouldn’t get manhandled until blue belt IF I wished to spar.

    They are closed at present but it could be an option to look forward to? Not trying to push that particularly but the other BJJ clubs in town are pretty intense and I’ve heard of people getting roughed up before.

    What about neighbours?

    Maybe there’s some things happening with boating on our lakes? Fishing in boat groups? Might try some of the local west-arm lodges to see if they have any socially distant things going on.

    If he can hold out another few short months things should open up again, best of luck!

  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG…stop the nonsense….your not dying in bed…..your healthy I hopefully..

  3. Anonymous says:

    You need hobbies by the sounds of it.

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