Go to church

Makes me wanna go its the one on barrydowne btw



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  1. James Whyte says:

    Will you pray for me?

    I need your help, will you help me out?

    I am with Legal Shield And a Independent Association ans a number too, So how can I get my business going?

    I have a part job at Thai Palace Restaurant

    I am looking for full time work now
    Can you help me out?

    I am looking for a full time work. Can you help me out? The fight against
    poverty starts with raising the minimum wag


    For a two-bedroom rental unit with Greater Sudbury Housing of City

    Platoweb – Stay on platoweb and complete my course.

    I am looking for full time hours at work, and better relationships at work
    and outside of work.

    Facebook is always asking for my mobile phone number
    I do not have a mobile phone so cannot access my account. I have tried to enter in friends phone numbers, but the temporary password (access code) they receive never works. So how do I access my account?

    I Left Travelodge for metal reset. I had augment with the manage of Travelodge about it.
    Facebook is always ask for my mobile phone number.The library will help me out with face book

  2. James Whyte says:

    I am miss up. I need your prays, will you pray for me?

    But with God Help and yours I will make it.

    How thing with you? Will you help me?

    I am going though a housing Annual Household Composition Income And Assets Review.

    Yes, but that a problem with a coworker we are not getting long. Are you enjoying your work?

    I was working two (2) jobs but it was to much for me. the other job was with Grove’s Independent Grocer.

    NO, right now I am not enjoying my summer. Are you enjoying your summer?