Hello. I was wondering where the cheapest place is to get glasses? I have already gotten my prescription, but my optometrist is severely expensive for glasses! Not looking for anything fancy or name brand. I would just like to be able to see again on a budget!



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  1. Barb Raymond Barb Raymond says:

    Costco and Superstore are the best.

  2. Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

    It’s not the frames that are expensive it’s the lenses…

  3. My daughter got 2 pairs for under 200 at Eyebuy Direct online. One pair she didn’t care for and they told her to keep them anyways and let her pick out another pair free. Her prescription came exact.

  4. Lynn Kohls Lynn Kohls says:

    I know someone who ordered here and said the glasses were great.

  5. Never thought of Walmart!! I just had the same scenario this week and I was told by many to go to Costco!

  6. Buying on do u know if they suit you

  7. Ashley Major Ashley Major says:

    I only buy my glasses online, zenni or eye buy direct

  8. Jaden Irvine what’s the website you order from?

  9. Zenni. I got 4 pairs for $90 delivered

  10. Online at firmoo, they have a huge selection of quality glasses and lots of sales

  11. Sarah Pearse Sarah Pearse says:

    clearly. buy one get one free.

  12. Nicole Rees Nicole Rees says:

    Anna Durbacz Trottier wow didn’t realize that.

  13. Bobbie-Lee B Bobbie-Lee B says:

    Walden Optical!!! They are awesome. I’ve been going ever since I was young. Best prices in town!

  14. Costco for price and warranty.

  15. Pat Hallett Pat Hallett says:

    Hakim has a big sale right now

  16. We always go to the South End Walmart, excellent customer service, we get our glasses in about a week and they are very cheap. Also warrantied for a year so if anything happens they replace them 🙂

  17. Leslie Selin Leslie Selin says:

    The lenses alone can run a pretty penny depending on your needs.

  18. Tina Britt Tina Britt says:

    Hakim optical usually has a sale on. 2 pairs for 199.00

  19. I got 2 pair on clearly contacts for $90 shipped to my house!

  20. Nicole Rees they don’t offer bifocals.

  21. Lain St Onge Lain St Onge says:

    I got two pairs for 99$ at Lens Crafters

  22. got mine this week and they are perfect

  23. Ken Bregman Ken Bregman says:

    The most expensive glasses I’ve ever bought in my life were from the place in the New Sudbury Shopping Centre by the travel agent.
    When they were preparing the bill she even said that she’d never seen a pair of glasses that expensive.
    Also, they are the poorest quality controlled frames I’ve ever owner. I even had to take the first pair back.

  24. Clearly contacts is great! Sometimes have deals for a 2nd pair free.. Or for $10! That’s how we get my husband glasses and contacts. Use insurance for contacts then buy his glasses online!

  25. Walmart guarantee is no good! Bought scratch free lenses and they did nothing for me when they were scratched.I won’t go back.

  26. Sandy Blake Sandy Blake says:

    If you can wait, the Superstore has a 50% off frames and lenses once a year.

  27. Costco! I usually pay 500 a pair and got mine for 175. (I have terrible eyesight)

  28. Eye style Optical in ValCaron they will take good care of you

  29. Pam Anderson Pam Anderson says:

    Superstore. I’ve been going there for years with my whole family. They have different specials all the time.

  30. Clearly contacts has always been good to me. I highly recommend them.

  31. Zinni or eyebuydirect online. I got a pair from Eyebuydirect for under 45 dollars shipped.

  32. I got 2 pairs at Walmart for less than $200. They are safety glasses but super cute!

  33. On line. Never had a prescription issue. The off style issue lol

  34. Rachel Wade Rachel Wade says:

    Superstore for sure. 2 year warranty, cheap prices.

  35. Jewel Rain Jewel Rain says:

    Walmart. All of mine are from there. Love them

  36. Debi Richer Debi Richer says: or

  37. Mike Veller Mike Veller says: or

  38. Missy McNeil Missy McNeil says:

    Order online at clearly contacts or eyebuydirect it is WAY cheaper than going in store I paid $30 for my last pair

  39. depends what you need. not enough details provided.

  40. Kim Graham Kim Graham says:

    By far, the Internet is far cheaper than any local opticians office. As long as you have your prescription it’s an inexpensive option. Zenni optical-is a favorite of mine, and they will walk you through the process of how to order.

  41. Jeff O Jeff O'Byrn says:

    Costco is probably the cheapest by far and great service

  42. is the only place i buy mine.

  43. Janet Gris Janet Gris says:

    Walmart sometimes has a 2 for 1 deal

  44. I go to the family vision center in new sudbury mall. They have a lot of options on their discount wall.

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