Girls Chase: Get Girls Chasing You (The Cats out of the Bag now)

To those of you who called the OP out on my previous posts in which I rant and ramble about women/girls who are “crazy”…

pen name
/ˈpen ˌnām/
An assumed name used by a writer instead of their real name.
“His early work was written under the pen name of Owen Meredith”.

Now let’s cut right to the chase…”the song remains the same” (short version).

To all my haters and fans…you’ll find a lot of my OP content here…
Girls who were born in the new millennium — pffft! Big brother is always watching bitches!

A special shout out to my man Scott Sequin: your my best supporter so far. I can definitely identify with your remarks.


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44 Responses

  1. Cat Drouin Cat Drouin says:

    “There’s NO way people don’t like ME. Im God’s gift! Obviously they are fans!” – says every person who everyone honestly just doesn’t like. Go take a nap or something man.

  2. What the fuck did I just read

  3. This post is entertaining to someone who is in dire need of psychiatric help.He’s been advised to seek treatment at Trafalgar in port hope before training cadets in August. Please help him not send the insults. Let’s not add fuel to the fire

  4. JD Tait JD Tait says:

    “Yeah we’re all just on the edge of our seat with excitement. Great work.” – Nobody. Not even Scott.

  5. Enough is enough. You know and have been advised to go back to Trafalgar. Top bantering. I care for you deeply I please don’t take the rejection personal. This message to stop. My lawyer has a copy of all your posts s well as texts and emails and my witness statements. Please get help you deserve this. You served our country and in result you feel invalidated he ought he failed relationship. You can beat this please stop the post and seek the help. I support you as a friend

  6. Stop sleeping with Scott

  7. Linda says:

    Sometimes in life, you just gotta let people be. No need to get on the attack and engage. Might be reasons to just you know, move on to the next posts, find something of interest without trying to cut someone right down to the bone.

  8. JC Watson JC Watson says:

    Eliza, I actually followed the link to see what scam he was pushing. He’s got videos of him on it.

  9. This is some crazy incel shit right here.

  10. JC Watson how do you know what they look like? Pls share the laughs with me. Pls pls.

  11. Loser; noun; someone who is so tired of not winning, they act like a loser.

  12. Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

    I don’t know why you felt the need to call out me but now you should private message me for two reasons. Number one I have been messaged by someone and I believe you should see what is being said about you. Number two I know of a really good support group you should probably reach out to. I will respect your privacy.

  13. I’m bat shit crazy… but um teal

  14. “Now lets cut right to the chase…..”

    But….you don’t; you say in a thesis dissertation what can be said in one or two sentences and have no idea how insufferable that is. You don’t have “haters and fans”, just a legion of people that you’re boring to death.

  15. Tia Tanguay Tia Tanguay says:

    Its so creepy when guys have a “system” of dating, LMAO, also of COURSE scott seguin is your biggest supporter LMFAO

  16. Looking for friends and a possible relationship based on comments? You need help and until you realize this your brain will continue being a merry go round. Can’t even believe I’m commenting on such nonsense

  17. JC Watson JC Watson says:

    Not only does his attempt at being intellectual turn me off but so does his condescending assumption of men’s ability to pick a good woman. Let alone the fact the guy looks like he needs some lessons in hygiene.

  18. Seek the psychiatric help you know you need. Wish you the best and sorry you feel rejected. You’ll find that perfect woman for you one day.

  19. Dean Farinha Dean Farinha says:

    This op gave me drain bamage.

  20. Are we devoting this page to this dude’s posts now? Honey – if you have that much to say, might I suggest blogging? Let’s leave room for the other mostly ridiculous posts on this page. Seeing the same crap is getting pretty old now.

    • Tabitha Landry I love this response. I cracked up, literally.

    • He needs help and supposed to. I’m the crazy one he’s referring to. If people know his erratic behaviour they’d suggest police involvement . It’s documented legally but he can’t handle the truth

    • Ashley Renee Marie Eisenhour sounds like there’s a lot of hurt going on here. Hopefully you both find the healing and peace that you need.

    • I had the healing months and months ago after advising him I had involved my lawyer nd doctors due to his erratic behaviour. I thought we were under the same assumptions as we both seemed amicable during our conversations. moths ago and documented with the doctors. This is a man who Is feeling rejection and invalidated leading to psychotic behaviour. I’m not trying to to humiliate simply trying to get him help he needs. He was thrown out of my house for his inappropriate sexual conduct and ubsurd behaviour that caused these posts to begin with. I am an advocate for mental health as that is what drew me to him in first place however his behaviour an actions leave me no choice but to get a restraining order order and peace bond. Insults will be in one ear out the other. I’m not entertaining his sick behaviour and hope shout-out doesn’t either. Were dealing with a man with gulf war syndrome who needs help not criticizing comments. Please hep him

    • I’m so sorry to hear that. But good for you for getting yourself out of that situation. Hopefully he gets the help that he needs.

    • I pray he does and admits his faults despite what he’s been through. He seeks validation and breaks my heart I am not able to give it to him. This validation stems from being exonerated from government not us women serving men. . Praying for him always

  21. Jenna Rae Jenna Rae says:

    Can you write a book on how to get people to buy into your shitty advice..

  22. How’d spam get through?

  23. What in the heck is this?!? Is anyone else wondering what this turkey is going on about?!?

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