Get off the street at the Parade

I’ve never seen this in any other city and Sudburians think it’s okay. Specifically Adults are standing out further and further into the street and blocking the kids who are actually back from seeing it. It’s a chain reaction. One person moves out because they think they’re special, and the next goes out so they can see until you have hundreds of people standing in the middle of the road making it less safe for transports to drive. Drive in the dark, and already wary of small kids able to dash out in front of them.

Give them room to drive and survey the road. No need to give the drivers PTSD by taking away the space and time to react. You will see the parade just fine from the side of the road as you will 20-30 feet on it. In addition, so will the kids you’re standing in front of.

On St. Anne road, when Santa came out a huge crowd (on the right side of the route) crashed over the midway point of the road to get closer(wish I had taken a picture) How is this necessary? Give them room to drive and give kids a chance to see. If the left side of the road did what the right side did there would’ve been no parade.



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  1. Anne Ryan Anne Ryan says:

    I don’t want to sound racist, but a lot of minorities seemed to show up late for the parade and then stood directly in front of my children. Even a group of men that didn’t have kids with them! Again, this isn’t a race comment, but they had a complete disregard for personal space.

  2. Doesn’t just happen in Sudbury…

  3. Kubla Shrek Kubla Shrek says:


  4. There’s also those people who think they own the sidewalk because they’ve “been there for hours” like it’s a parade fornkids not for adults. Take your knickers out of a twist and get over yourself

  5. Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

    The parade shouldnt be downtown

  6. Time to do without santa claus parade altogether.

  7. I heard a man complain..might be the same person. Anyways, he stood against a building with his child on his shoulders. My daughter placed her son by the curb and so did a whole bunch of other people. All I heard was him complaining how adults were in the way. Sorry if we didn’t leave our own 2-3 year olds by the curb by themselves. its called being smart/responsible and watching the children.

  8. Joe Nixon Joe Nixon says:

    Find somthing worth crying about ffs .. To much time on ur hands.. Quit worry bout others doing

  9. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    I agree its for the little ones. Should just do it on Notre dame. More parking, more room.

  10. I cant get over how horny some of these adults were about the whole thing ….like literally standing in front of kids to see…. yous realise you’re taller than a toddle…get the fuck out of the way

  11. There was a time when adults and children knew how to be mindful…helping each other…opening doors…letting kids get in front at a kid’s parade…even helping families lift their kids up to see…maybe it’s time to have the parade inside the arena like a circus…its warm and kids can see from any seat level…2 shows maybe 3…donation of nonparishables or cash for charities…and free for those who can’t donate…jas…it is also accessible making it best for special needs and seniors wheelchairs etc…

  12. Parade is for kids …kids should have the best of all seats not the adults

  13. Good place for the parade would be south end country side arena to petro pass have horse drawn wagons pick up people from southridge mall , Canadian tire , Walmart parking lots even transit bus shuttles . Several schools to park at . No major arteries. Lots of set up space both front and back of arena.

  14. Eric Nadon Eric Nadon says:

    Yea i hear you. I had to ask a mother to move back cuz she was standing right infront of my 4 year old. Like come on, use your head. She told me shell try her best to be out of the way. Let the kids enjoy it.

  15. Joe Wilson Joe Wilson says:

    Sadly its not just sudbury, the aylmer parade is like this as well

  16. YCFS (you can’t fix stupid)

  17. Kat Lyyli Kat Lyyli says:

    That happened to us last year… my 3 year old and I were standing and a family of adults came and stood right infront of us on the road and blocked her from being able to see. I guess they didn’t want to go to the back of the crowd.

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