So here’s the thing… If you’re a working family are single working parent with a child diagnosed with autism, you deserve the help. Not that every child diagnosed with autism doesn’t need the help, but if you’re just a system sucker. Help out your child, GET A FU#&EN JOB.



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  1. Ray Leroux Ray Leroux says:

    Marc Leclair shut up and get a job loser

  2. Now just imagine for a minute a single parent doing it on their own..stop judgmental thinking

  3. Oh shit up already. Keep this crapto ur self please

  4. Chyna Noel Chyna Noel says:

    Marc Leclair yet another post about autism people will never understand

  5. You’re post might have carried weight if it wasnt 2 things…

    1. Illiterate: where in the world did you forget how to spell and use grammar.., grade 1-5 revisit them please..

    2. How Dafaq you know what it takes to raise an autistic child? I certainly dont know… so until you have one of your own… keep your ignorant, more than likely anti vaxxer, comments to your self…

  6. So sickening we had to comment.. please join the group, we do have a solution for this funding problem but its only for residents of the greater Sudbury district.

  7. Nick Pitt Nick Pitt says:

    Hey, Shoutout Sudbury, next time you get moronic posts like this, don’t make it anonymous, comments like these need to know the source

  8. Back in 1993, there was no such thing as IBI, or ABA … we had Special Services at Home and a bit of Respite nd that was it. I stayed home for 5 years to look after my autistic stepson, between his ages of 5 and 10. Took over 2 years to get a diagnosis – we took him to Hamilton for that. My husband was hardly ever home due to his work. Sometimes you just have to put your child first and not work … my husband supported us all. Sometimes I would read a book on autism and think “I’m more of an expert than this author”. Child had maybe 7 hours of one-on-one a week, and I did the programming based on his assessments because there sure wasn’t anyone else out there to do it..We also couldn’t use SSAH for sibling as you can now. We had a Respite work come in occasionally so I could go out. I did the rest.

    • times change and we are more advanced than 1993. doctores put hard work into autism for a reason and that reason is to better the autistic community so they can take care of them selves and be able to function in society. with out this treatment autistic children will be stuck to their parents with out letting them work, sleep or function properly. huge respect for you Linda C. Makela. Now tell me this, if treatment was available then would you have been able to do more with your time as a parent? would the break downs be less frequent? of course it would and it would’ve made your life ten times easier. thats why we have that treatment, to better humanity!

    • Actually by the time IBI came into being, we wouldn’t have used it. Nothing beats intensive work by parents using whatever resources they can scrounge up. We also used our benefit plan to get assessments and treatment.

  9. Kim Willis Kim Willis says:

    Someone is needing attention…

  10. It’s very difficult to keep a job when you have a child with severe autism. Unless you are blessed with an understanding employer. Between IEP meetings and behavioural therapist appointments.Not to mention a lot of public schools, very gradually take on these children. So their school days are only a few hours. Until they are accepted full-time or transferred to a different school that can take on their needs. A lot of children on the severe end of the spectrum can’t speak and are vulnerable making their parents more cautious to accept respite/after school programs. Granted that is available to them. There are so many different variables. it is extremely ignorant for anyone to assume a parent isn’t helping their child because they financially struggle. Especially when most parents with children on the spectrum put in a considerable amount of work (and love) with their kids and some will have to for the rest of their lives.

  11. Im really starting to hate this city

  12. I wish I had so little going on in my life that I had time to sit around and worry about what other people are doing.

  13. OMG, i guess this person doesn’t realize how much effort it takes to raise a kid with autism? My child has Cerebral Palsy, Autism and ADHD and my wife basically had to stop working shortly after he was born, so that made me the only person working for the family and you know what i did it on one income while she tended to the appointments and the trips to seeing therapists etc…. SO FROM A PARENT OF A SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD TO YOU THE OP……..FUCK YOU!

  14. Diagnosis testing should not cost families at all. As the majority of Autistic individuals require a variety of health, mental health, therapeutic services that are neither the parents or the child’s fault. It should be fully covered as essential care needs. Enough with the b.s. campaigns designed to trick the public into thinking that something is being done and how important it is to rid our society of stigmas. Cutting funding to the most vulnerable for essential services they require while politicians make big $$$ and live in luxury life styles etc. Want to even the playing field?? Cut everything from those at the top and disperse it to the ones who need it not just want it. Corporations , banks, big money makers ( not the struggling small business owners) should be capped and responsible and accountable to the individuals they profit from.

  15. I am an autism mom !!!!
    Put yourself in my shoes then well speak cmon pm me for details lol
    Have. Ababy love it more then anything have it maybe never speak to you look at you anything then find out there’s a program that can help all sorts of things
    only to find out their so expensive if you owned a home you would have to sell it and live on the street to afford it
    To find here sign up wait 5 years and we’ll help u
    To have ppl post stupid shit like this who are uneducated unkind and unrealistic CLEARLY
    Now to have it all changed when the 5 years comes up
    Jesus ! This is hard enough
    I’m devestated my family is segregated we are exhausted my other son is sad that his brother won’t play with him my heart is broken and yours would be too sorry our biggest hurt and concern is not if neotypicals deserve money too

    Just saying

  16. OP, you must not be a parent of an autistic child. I, however am! Now I work and so does my husband. Having said that, if our child were more severe and required more services than we’re currently getting, there is NO way I could work. I struggle as it is to juggle a job and help our child.
    But thank you for you uneducated input!

  17. WOW! Your short post says a lot about the type of person you could possibly be.
    Worry about yourself.
    Don’t let others “easy, supported” life upset you so much.

  18. So f*cking ignorant. You do realize there are different levels of autism and some kids need 24 hour around the clock care. STFU

  19. Why don’t you get some grammar lessons

  20. Cory Berube Cory Berube says:

    Nope. Can’t do it. Just too easy. Not this time Troll! You’re not getting me! You take your stupidity and get back under the bridge!

  21. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    Everyone who wants to do something about this problem should go to Papcg Sudbury on Facebook and post your concerns for the treatment support. They are on it!

  22. Clearly you don’t have a child with Autism. Don’t comment on something you don’t understand. Its not easy having a child with disabilities.

  23. Holy fuck go say that at the next rally they have….hope you dont end up having a child with autism and then YOU WILL HAVE TO FIND A FUCKING JOB.

  24. It’s quite difficult for the parent of a child with autism to be able to work outside the home if their respite care is cut, and they can’t find a daycare that is able to accommodate their child’s needs on a full time basis.

    If you really want the parents of children with autism to be able to work, vote for political parties that want to provide more, not less funding for therapy and respite care.

    • Amber Gee Bol it’s difficult period just the lack of sleep makes me wanna run in front of a bus lol let alone all of the other hurdles and the hurt of your child being hurt ! It’s a lot !

  25. Children with autism often (but not always) need someone around to help them while they are at school, etc. That costs money. I’m sorry dude. But you are not being insightful, or coming up with adequate solutions, you are just an asshole.

    • Bart Jardine Bart Jardine says:

      Maybe there should be a seperate school for all the children with problems?!? Add ahahd depression autism etc… Why bring the students who can accel down.

    • Bart Jardine first of all. Autism, ADHD, and depression aren’t disorders that affect IQ or the ability to learn. They are disorders that affect other things that affect performance. There’s an important distinction that you ought to be able to make between comprehension and performance. Comprehension is the ability to learn, and retain information given. People with ADHD, autism, and depression can comprehend things. But the other issue is performance. For example, you probably have some understanding of grammar and punctuation, but your performance of it is limited. People with these disorders have difficulty performing. Which is why we give them prosthetics such as medication, workers, and therapy. These things help these students perform which is one element of the goal of education.

  26. Jebus Christmas in an Easter basket, you can always tell who the ignorant ones are who don’t live autism every day.

    You have no idea what’s it like to have to take shifts to keep an autistic child safe, it’s 24/7 …never stops. They don’t sleep these children, not like you do. They can run on fumes forever these kids.

    The stimming, the screaming, the flapping and flailing, the destruction of your things, their things, the frustration of regression from potty trained to not to potty trained to…well …yeah I’d say you get the idea but you don’t.

    Get a job, we have one X2 and 3 and 4… And more… I’m getting tired of these types of posts…and I’m just going to go against the grain here and say… Until you live it 24/7 STFU.

  27. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    Not that easy. It’s not about the money, it’s about the proper funding for treatment. We dont want money, we want treatment. Not every parent knows what to do with an autistic child.

  28. You should probably learn the difference between are and or before ranting your lil heart out

    • John Brown John Brown says:

      You should try to learn what compassion and empathy are,…before making a comment.

    • Compassion and empathy for someone who is trying to sound better than parents of autistic kids who may not be employed? Do you know how hard it is to get an autistic child into a daycare? You ever see your single mom neighbour lose a $20 an hour job because the system is set up to fail her and her two autistic kids? Fuck you and fuck this guy.. hows that for empathy? Stop feeding into stereotypes morons.. not everyone on the system is there because they want to be.

  29. You must first get a real haircut to get a real job…ya


  31. I have a suggestion. Focus on you, not others.

  32. Christopher Michael font is Ariel, very legible. His grammar is what sucks

  33. Hand minus 4 fingers , ill leave you to guess which finger is left

  34. What’s with all these posts? Did something happen? Why is this such an issue now?

    • Paula Hunter Paula Hunter says:

      Sammi Sprague the autism funding was bassicially destroyed by Ford

    • Sammi Sprague conservatives cut funding to all autistic children and families for their therapy and capped them at a limit of 10 grand a year when most need over 100 thousand for the year as their child is sever and basically lives in a facility for their therapy treatments

    • But we gon keep paying for alcoholics programs no problem.

    • John Brown John Brown says:

      Stephanie Lamarche cause theres no other programs that are a waste of money.

    • Stephanie Lamarche they made it age and income based services
      So a child under 6 can get up too 20000$ a yr with a max of 140000$ till they are 18 yrs old
      And over 6 yrs 5000$ a year with a max of 55000$ till they are 18
      ( the way the word this is confusing af)
      BUT there a catch the more money u make the less u get
      Sooo a family trying to work over time to make up the difference will get less in the end
      So sad

    • And it should be bassed on need not income. Autism runs on different levels. The more extream should be getting more help not deducted at all over income levels.

    • Brian Emery what I’m trying to get across here is that everyone deserves help based on needs not income, what a family makes shouldn’t make a difference in the level of care a child gets…

    • Brian Emery Brian Emery says:

      Katie LeCompte if a family makes more they could afford more care no?

    • Brian Emery Brian Emery says:

      I really dont agree and that ok…Imma try and just not peek lol

    • Therapy for a child can cost anywhere from 3600$ to 8000$ a month
      Ranging from 50000$ – 80000$ a year
      For just ibi/aba therapy not speech or occupational therapy to just name a couple.
      If a family income is 50000$ a year
      And their child is over 6, so they get 5000$
      So now where do u think they will find this other 75000$?
      All services for autism pertty much stop after April 1st if funded by the gov

    • Brian Emery Brian Emery says:

      Katie LeCompte we’re definitely coming from two different perspectives and that ok. There is cases where aba therapy is needed…then there’s people that dont see the need for it and except their child’s differences are ok…every situation and expectation is different so it’s not even worth getting into…for how long did people deal without funding? And some delt very well, again depending on acceptance and expectations.

    • Brian Emery Brian Emery says:

      To me everyone is different and that’s perfectly ok. We live in a country with disability and many other integration programs. ” All you need is love”…the Beatles. I don’t know. If money is someone’s ultimate goal or trying to change someone then it’s different than my perspective

    • Brian Emery do some research
      I get where ur coming from
      But yes ppl who want and need help deserve it
      And this new funding is just for ibi which isn’t fair either
      But research helps to educate!!!! I’m not that great at this lol
      Have a great day

    • Dave Jones Dave Jones says:

      Sammi Sprague
      Actually Wynne cut funding first
      And people had to fight to get it back
      Now ford has messed with it and the fight had to start again
      Why the most deserving is targeted is hard to understand

    • people need to start understanding that its not about the money, its about treatment! I’m impressed with the amount of people who aren’t ignorant to this situation. i would like to invite you all to join the papcg and fight for autism treatment!

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