Geared to Income Housing

I thought geared to income housing was to help those in NEED? Am I wrong? How many parents/single parents are out there working their butts off to pay their market rent apartments/homes with barely enough left to get by? Not even enough left to put their kids in sports? Yet someone who has used geared to income housing for over 10 years, can have both kids in sports, drive a newer vehicle & go on not 1 but 2 trips inside of a year!!!

Why hasn’t everyone thought of doing this instead of paying so much for market rent? Sounds like a pretty good life while others probably need that home obviously more than this person does. It’s really sad to see the system fail people who really need it, while others are using it to live high on the hog.



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  1. Mike Charron says:

    How bout the baby mamas who have their boyfriends living they paying them cash and helping out with everything while they are able to claim the cheap rent ???

  2. Housing takes 5-10 years to get on I’ve been homeless on and off the last 2 years jobs pays 14 -16 an hr can’t pay bills can’t get ahead can’t afford an education but I can be a nice person why don’t you talk to us low life’s have a conversation of just 10 mins of some of the reasons why they’re in that position most just weren’t born with so much they feel entitled to everything because they work you’re the ass in assistance they give me 269 bucks to live a month and take 600 in taxes when I work each month how you gonna pay 1600 market rent and or work and live in a shelter lol fuck the government they have let us all down keep us down and break your pride by telling you it’s not enough give more time TIL you’re working so much you don’t have a life to spend any money buying 2 dollar double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s just to eat saving for the dreaming of getting your own place back then you get told there’s no work right before benefits time and you gotta do all this over again this is your life now since you so god damn fucking smart tell me how to solve this problem before it’s too late and I take my problems out on weak people like you who pick on the weak sick old and simple because you simply believe you’ve some how helped us I don’t see how I’ve been helped get help receive help I get enough to watch assholes like you walk by me see my terrible situation mock it like it a joke an walk away you are a pathetic excuse for a human being remember keep pissing off the 99% and your high class ass might just end up grass you like this planet? Cause if it all burned tomorrow I’d be happy with who I am what I’ve done and stood for could you say the same?

  3. How about those that pay $84 monthly for a 2 bedroom, ODSP pays their Hydro, internet insurance and phone then they rent out a room for $400 a month. See so many scams every day

  4. Wesley Beers says:

    Ive scene this first hand… geared to income should be treated as a stepping stone.. not a lifestyle

  5. Brian Emery says:

    Ya I was looking for houses and apartments to rent not long ago…There’s lots out there. Some people are saying they aren’t suitable…bs…some people just like handouts and others would rather work nights and weekends and still volunteer and leave low income housing for people who absolutely need it.

  6. Or when your taking up a unit but never in it, or have no kids living with you. I’m in heated income, been for 5 years. Don’t hate. In that time I have almost completed my schooling with 1 year left to go, and my husband has obtained higher licensing and work. We pay according to our income, and lemme tell yeah, we can’t afford to pay out of pocket for sports, trips, yeah we have a new vehicle because we saved for it over the years. We also survive week to week pay checks. It’s all how you conserve and save your money to do nice things for your family

  7. Sudbury, like so many other places in the province and country, is in a crisis situation as far as affordable housing is concerned… the waiting lists are very long and often affordable housing is not suitable or accessible to those who need it… the federal gov’t has identified a need to invest in a housing program to alliviate so many face regarding housing… let’s pray that the decisions made regarding funding for housing initiatives are well thought out and alleviate some hardship in the upcoming future

    • JC Watson says:

      It isn’t a crisis if they actually removed all the people that can afford payments on new vehicles… then I’m sure there would be a lot of spaces opening up. If they can make payments of $400 to $600 a month on a vehicle they can afford to pay their own way in market rent.

  8. Don’t talk down about those in a lesser situation than you, because their life looks easy. Grow up.

  9. Erica Jenkins Bertrand I wasn’t name calling lol I just said they were bitching. Never once have any of my children been disrespected by my neighbors, so why don’t you not put people in boxes. That’s rude

  10. JC Watson says:

    I have total respect for you Shannah!

  11. D.j. Dean says:

    Geared to income in there to help those in need. Once their needs are met, being a better income, the rent is then raised to standards of what it should be. It’s not geared down for the whole time. I know people who have lived in them, and as soon as their income had risen, so did their rent.

  12. I applied when I was almost homeless with 3 kids. They said we didnt qualify because my husband made $14 and hour and I was on EI. The lady we spoke to at the office said they had “lots of empty 3 and 4 berm emergency houses” and it’s “too bad we didnt qualify.” Yes, we had money but, because of the way we were evicted we did not have first and last. OW stepped up and put us up in a hotel for 3 or 4 weeks, until we came up with a rental deposit AND found a place.
    I dont know what qualifies as an emergency. Being homeless with 3 kids isnt. I had to give up my dog and we almost to split up because there arent any family shelters. I would have had to take my 15 yr old daughter and my 4 yr old son to a womans shelter and my husband and 17 yr old son would have gone to a mens shelter. While there were empty, 4 bdrm houses being saved for emergencies. We would have only stayed until we found a place. We couldn’t even have any toys for our son in the hotel. I dont even know what their mission is over there. I’m still on a wait list for geared to income housing btw. Our system is a joke!

    • Heather Simpson that’s exactly the extent they want your family at before you are an emergency. Because you technically had two incomes you could pay for somewhere to stay. Shelter users are first placed before any income earners. Do not take this as agreement with how you and your family were treated. It’s downright disgusting that they would rather rip a family apart before helping them

    • Chelsea Lynn says:

      Heather Simpson something similar happened to us. My boyfriend made minimum wage and we cleared 1200 a month and I had just finished school. I needed to apply for Ontario works for a month until I started my job and the lady said unless we were going to be homeless it was her problem. I also had a friend who packed up her stuff and showed up at the women’s shelter with her daughter and they turned her away because she wasn’t beaten. So they sent her home, apologizing, and a week later she was back She had been abused.

    • Heather Simpson that’s absolutely disgusting to do that to a family

  13. Dayna Jeffrey i just moved out of housing and let me tell you, there was a couple who drove a Cadillac Escalade, there was a couple who drove a mercedes and a Lexus, there was a couple who purchased a new Ford Escape over the winter, there were a few newer models of Grand Caravans, someone got a newer model Nissan Murano. So tell me, how do you live in housing and drive around in an Escalade or a Mercedes and Lexus? Those aren’t cheap vehicles. My priorities however were different then theirs I guess. I chose to take the money I was able to save and move out of housing. I could have traded my little car for a bigger and newer vehicle. But my priorities were to save my money and get my children out of housing.

  14. Bonnie Mack says:

    Dayna Jeffrey agreed. Sounds like there’s some jealousy in the comments and two trips a year and a new car sounds like they have some help from someone.

  15. Dayna Jeffrey keep it classy , no need for name calling another reason why most of us single moms choose to make it on out oen because we dont want to or kids to be associated with angry name calling people. and there not saying they need it there just posting facts that yes people have been living there for 10+ years and dont make a effort to even try to move out to make the waiting list shorter. its to help you get off your feet bot save a bunch money over the years .

  16. JC Watson says:

    I qualifed for geared to income rent before my boyfriend moved in and yet never used it. Why?

    Because that trip or new vehicle is not worth my personal belief that those are luxuries. Self worth is far more important to me and for me that’s providing a roof over my children’s heads that I pay full value for instead of it discounted by tax payers. Everyone’s entitled to their own perspectives but personally welfare and housing should not be a way of life but a stepping stone.

    Even when I made minimum wage and received no child support, I still managed to pay market rent.

    It is all about priorities! Personally their should be changes made to those that abuse the stepping stones of assistance. Other provinces have it set up that once your children are in full time schooling you are only able to be on assistance 3 out of every 5 years.

    Pushing people to have to change their lives to stand on their own two feet.

    I fully support those with a disability or in a tough spot needing help, but never should assistance of any type be a way of life.

  17. There’s programs to help children get into sports without the parents having to pay for them. And maybe it’s just that these parents are good at budgeting their money and are able to put a little aside each month to take a trip. Hotels aren’t expensive if you know how to properly shop around for one. I got a nice hotel for $70 a night a few years ago. Canadian Tire helps parents pay for activities through their jump start program and the city also has the play program that pays for activities for underprivileged kids.

  18. Well… they’re able to do this because they arent paying market rent lol.. so of course they’re gonna have extra money to do these things.
    Your arguement doesnt make sense lol

  19. I think you’re missing the point. It’s geared to your income. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the cheapest.

    • JC Watson says:

      If your income puts you at market rent for more than 6 months, you should be given a two months eviction notice so someone actually in real need can move in.

      Sorry just because someone pays market rent in a geared to income housing unit, doesn’t mean they are not abusing the purpose of the property.

    • JC Watson they actually give you 3 consecutive months of market rent before they serve you with an eviction notice, so once you pay top rent for 3 months straight you should be making plans for other living situations,

  20. Bitter much…. Have you maybe thought its none of your business how other people live thier lives? Just because they are in low income housing doesnt mean they dont deserve to go on a trip here and there. Good lord…

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