Geared to Income Housing Part2

Geared to income
I think the point of my prior post got lost on a couple of people or they actually believe, it’s ok for someone to benefit from low rental housing so they can take trips and drive nice cars. I call that selfish. If someone can afford all these luxuries, they can afford market rent out in the real world & let the next person standing in line receive the same opportunity they did when they needed it.

These housing projects are meant to help those with minimal finances & basic necessity of life. Yet some of you think it’s quite fine that someone’s income increases enough to be able to take trips and stay in housing in order to afford it. I guess that’s, that sense of entitlement we hear about so often.

Even if they are paying what some of you consider market rent once they make more money, it’s not actually full market rent. People are just greedy. So while this greedy person sits on a beach somewhere, someone is sitting in a shelter or living in crammed quarters waiting for a home to become available. Sad that anyone thinks this is ok. Downgrade your car, don’t take trips & live within your means so others can benefit from the same opportunity while they need it.


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  1. Maybe people saved money to pay for what the wont or wear the wont to go or let’s say it can be credit cards the useds no one knows it is not any ones business

  2. my neighbours are geared income. I was wondering why they can her a whole house to herself while she doesnt even have her kids on a regular basis. CAS drops them off on a Friday and picks them up on a Sunday. How is she allowed to occupy a 3 bedroom home when she doesnt even have her kids most of the time? I believe it should be given to a mother who actually has her children on a full time basis.

  3. Geared to income is not just welfare people they only put so many into one place that cant afford market value the rest go into geared income based on what they can afford and if that said person makes to much they pay the full market value so no it’s not anyone’s business. People should just worry about themselves. Plus if someone in geared to income is able to afford fancy stuff it’s because they are not in geared to income anymore they are paying full market value

    • Brian Emery Brian Emery says:

      Samantha Renee Cowper I didn’t see anyone say they thought geared to income was for people on welfare or argue that they don’t make enough money to afford nice things. Most comments I’ve seen are saying if they could afford these things they should start looking for another place and let someone who isn’t making enough money take their place since there’s a waiting list to get in. Worrying about people that need help is everyone’s business.

    • Brian Emery well not sure what comments your looking at .. geared to income places can only take a few people in that are on welfare hence those are the people that are on the waiting lists or anyone with a disability check they cant fill them all up like that would cost way to much money I know cause Iam in geared to income and there’s no way in hell i can afford sudburys rent prices

  4. Mike Charron Mike Charron says:

    When it comes out of hardworking tax payers pockets it becomes everyone’s business .

  5. Wouldnt it blow this persons mind if it took 10 years saving $6 a month to take this so called trip

  6. Summers almost here. Buy a tent and save up for your “luxury” items.

  7. Brian Emery Brian Emery says:

    Some people say its none of the op’s business but really it’s everyone’s business. Housing is paid for by us and should be controlled in a manner in which they think the majority would approve of and is the most beneficial to society. Some people are living in bad places because they can’t get into geared to income housing…staying with abusive partners etc…seems common sense that if someone could afford the things the op has stated they should pass on that opportunity to someone who needs it more. Don’t judge? Judging is opinion…opinion is how politicians are supposed to base rules on and how Morales are passed on. I’ve noticed that some people that jump on people for having an opinion do so because they are scared of being judge themselves. Think about your life…we’re not born knowing right from wrong or with the knowledge to naturally make good decisions that aren’t only beneficial to ourselves, but to others also. Get outta here with this no judging b.s. Being judged help me and everyone commenting make good decisions and stop making bad ones throughout their life. There’s only two ways to realize if what you’re doing in ‘right’…people trying to teach you from past experience and being judged for good or bad habits and behaviors.

  8. I lived in a 3bedroom in geared to income and i paid $840+ utilities. Real life market rent is alot more than that, often 1500$+.
    I see your point but nothing you can really do so you gotta move on.

  9. I see this individuals point. But At the same time. These individuals that live in house, should also be able without prejudice, but and treat themselves to these luxuries, also. Not only the high ended deserve to see rewards for their hard work!

  10. Let it go already – yes, you made your point, ad finitum. Keep your nose in your own house & be concerned about your own family’s health & wellbeing. Begrudging someone else good fortune won’t bring any home to you.

  11. Adam Read Adam Read says:

    David Lacasse how much do you pay for a 3 bedroom, $2400 a month?cause market rent for a 3 bedroom is around $1200 a month, also if they have multiple cars they gotta tell housing and you’re allowed to make so much money and have so much assets before you’re kicked off the registry, they’ll allow you to continue living there if you’re paying market rent, that is the way housing works so maybe the op should do some homework..

  12. Amanda LS Amanda LS says:

    It’s also none of your business. If housing has an issue, they would be telling them to move out. Get over it

  13. You can only pay market rent for so long in housing before you actually do need to move out as you no longer qualify

  14. Market rent for a three bedroom is half of what I’m paying for a three bedroom out in the ‘real world’.

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