Gas station in Val Caron

To the ar$ehole at the Esso in Val Caron who told me to mind my own f*#&ing business when I told him to put out his lit cigarette as he puffed cancer into his lungs while I was pumping gas….

if you want to smoke your brains out with your disgusting garbage, do it at a Tim Horton’s drive thru and not park in the middle of 2 gas lanes while people are expelling flammable fumes. You want to die? Do it with cancer. I want to go home to my family today. D$#&head.



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  1. Major Tom says:

    Anyone smoking around the pumps, and others trying to downplay the risks are degenerate morons.
    It’s not the gasoline that ignites, it’s the damned vapours! duh!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    But did you die? Mind your own business then. Also for the record, gas fumes are just as cancerous as cigarettes, so for the love of your health please stop using all gas stations because cancer.

    • Anonymous says:

      You can drop a lit cigarette in gas and it will just extinguish the cigarette. And as far as we know he could have used the electric lighter in the vehicle to light it. Even so, I’ve been covered in gas and light a smoke once and it didn’t blow up, it has to be the proper fume to air ratio for that to happen. The bigger danger at a gas station is the static charge that vehicles have coming into contact with the nozzle that pours the gas, good luck in your future endeavours and cool it with the action flicks.

  3. say what says:

    Let me guess. He had a Canadian flag and fuck Trudeau sticker on his vehicle.

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