Looking for a good driving school to get my g2. One that has a payment plan!

Thank you 🙂



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  1. Joel Whipple says:

    Let me lay this out as simply as I can. If you cannot afford the cost upfront for the full course, you definitely can’t afford a car.

    • Joel Whipple could be a teen without parents that can pay for the course. Just cause they can’t afford a car now, does not mean they never will.

    • Joel Whipple says:

      That would imply they would not drive regularly, IE another incompetent driver that got a license out of a cracker jack box. The two-three months it would take to save up the piddly $400-700 would not be the end of the world.

  2. I see that TTCC beginner driving education includes “skid school”. Not a bad idea at all. 1-800-805-0662,

  3. Shyla Myatt says:

    Transport Training Center on Kingsway for sure, cheapest option for the whole course and they also have a $100 G2 prep course with 1 hour practice before your test and you can use their car.

  4. Honestly just get someone to bring you out and let you practise. It really doesn’t save you much on your insurance.

  5. Laurentian Driving School. Not sure about payment plans? Definitely worth giving them a call!

  6. James White says:

    Just go drive the Kingsway during rush hour… if you survive that then you’re ready

  7. Nicole Jacqueline Poirier (Valley Training) – shes an amazing instructor

  8. Young Drivers they have the best instructors!

  9. Definitely transport driver

  10. Mario Denis says:

    50$/hr. I’ll teach you how to drive myself. Learn some tricks

  11. Shawna Peron says:

    Laurentian driving school is amazing

  12. Nicole Jacqueline Poirier

  13. Julie Langlois that’s the one I used. Unfortunately it’s somewhere near $600

  14. I agree it’s my last week their in classes an they are awsome i recommend them 100%

  15. Transport Driver training now offers student driving lessons and they are awesome and very well priced compared to the others

  16. Julie Langlois I agree!

  17. Ally Rebekah says:

    Valley and transport training center both have a pay per lesson option if u want just lessons and no class. Its $50/hour

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