G2 License

Has anyone gone for the G2 license recently and if yes, where did they get you to drive?



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  1. Follow the rules, doesn’t matter where they take you, and they don’t always do the same route or same tasks for everyone

  2. SO EASY. It’s just a minute on Lasalle a left and right a left at an intersection. Hill park and three point turn. And back in to parking spot. Pay attention to checking mirrors and speed

  3. It honestly doesnt matter where they take you… keep both hands on the steering wheel, follow the laws, and drive the vehicle properly l, if you fail, ask why, and learn from your mistakes…

    Also remember, just because the majority of new drivers believe they’re now race car drivers, doesnt mean you are… you JUST learned how to drive, remember that and have respect for the 2000lb or heavier death machine the respect it deserves

  4. Little tip, speed limit on Lasalle is 50! Ive seen so many fail because they did 60 or more even. Myself included

  5. John Hunter John Hunter says:

    I drove past honest Corey’s used car sales

  6. Tiff Amyot Tiff Amyot says:

    In Sudbury lol in all seriousness tho stayed pretty close to driving center. Went on LaSalle twice. Spent most of the time on side streets. Fairly simple tho, nothing to stress over.

  7. Bri Brunet Bri Brunet says:

    Left the driving centre, turned right onto Lasalle, drove to just before the lights at the cemetery I was asked to switch lanes and to turn left at the lights. When onto that street I was asked to turn left onto the first street (it’s a dead end street) there I was asked to do a three point turn and to parallel park. After that we went back on to Lasalle, this time turning right. Drove to the lights at Rideau, was asked to turn on to Rideau and then asked to turn right at the first street. There I was asked to show them what I would do if I was parking up a hill. Then we headed back to the driving centre and I was asked to back in when I got there.

    Watch your speed. Make sure you make it obvious when checking your blind spots and your mirrors and such. Even if you have to make it look like you’re talking to yourself out-loud to make sure they know you’re checking, do it, last but definitely not least, Signal. Signal. Signal. I can’t stress that enough. I made sure to signal for ANY type of change, even coming out of my parking spot when leaving to do my test. The guy doing my test made a comment and said he was impressed because most people don’t signal enough and that causes them to fail.
    I thought it would take longer but I was honestly only gone for maybe 10 minutes for the entire thing.

  8. Roger Blake Roger Blake says:

    As someone else said, exaggerate your head movements to mirror checks. And do it often.

    • Keith Sloan Keith Sloan says:

      Roger Blake when I did mine I verbally said it each time. Also make sure they are looking at you for railway crossings. I got dinged for looking right at the same time as the test giver

  9. They change it all the time. Depends on your tester. When I did mine they took me on LaSalle down MR80 and then back. The second time, I failed the first one, they brought me down the side streets

  10. You should follow them one day, then you would know

  11. To Sturgeon Falls for a poutine and back!

  12. Johnny Boyd Johnny Boyd says:

    attle street and all that area and also behind the drive test centre

  13. Yeah keep 2 hands on the wheel. Make it stupidly obvious you’re checking mirrors. Don’t break laws and you’ll be fine. You might be asked to park on side roads or parralel. Give the drivers guidebook a quick read first and you’re good to go

  14. Linda Green Linda Green says:

    Construction zones, merge lanes, highway merge, parallel park

  15. Colin Amer Colin Amer says:

    Up and down LaSalle. They also take you down a few side streets. The whole test takes about 20 minutes.

  16. They get u to turn at lights first then u just go around the neighbourhood it’s like ten minutes

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