Furnace Quetion

I live in a basement apartment, above ground. I pay utilities and have a wall gas furnace. It only comes on when it is extremely cold outside. When it is mild outside and freezing inside the apt., I have to crank it up 1/2 way to high to get warm, and the furnace rattles and sounds like it’ll come off the wall. Do furnaces only come on when it’s cold outside or should it be regulated to come on when it is cold inside? I was told it was serviced by a furnace guy, however if it was, would he not have directed landlord to replace said furnace or at least fix it so it doesn’t rattle when it is turned on more than 1/2 way? It is a Rinnai Energy Saver 551F model. Anyone have any insight on this? Thanks



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  1. Dave McMende Dave McMende says:

    Saw the word “question” misspelled and had to immediately move on to this comment. Plus I know next to nothing about furnaces.

  2. Luc Rioux Luc Rioux says:

    so house it because where thermostat at there no air flow in home so try to put a fan close to where thermostat is and leave the fan on to cercilate the air around and you see the temperaute in the house will be same all over after ….

  3. Break it. Now it needs replacing or repairs. Kidding. (Not really)

  4. Hahaha furnaces dont care about outside temps lol should regulate your inside temp…. move the thermostat that operates it

  5. Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector

  6. I rinnai furnace. It is a step up system. It runs all the time. Check the filter. If it is rattling it may need to be reset against the wall. Don’t place anything in front of it. That will reduce the output temp

  7. Logan May Logan May says:

    Sounds like a space heater. Thermostat is a thermistor behind the unit. The knob is degrees it has to fall behind before it will come on. It sounds old as hell. probably needs a new fan

  8. First, where is your thermostat located?? It will reflect the temp in it’s immediate area. 2nd, you are likely feeling dampness in the apt. Next, have the landlord call about the furnace rattling – that is not usual or OK.

  9. I would contact lanlord and get them to get it serviced because they should be responsible for it . When my hot water tank caught fire my landlord took it out and replaced it.

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