From the Screaming Boy’s Mom

Yesterday (October 10th) was a complete nightmare for me and my son. My son was taken from school to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation because of an incident at school.

Long story short, he had to be restrained several times, and you could hear him screaming from emerge. As his mother, I was a wreck, but there were 5 people who blew me away with their kindness. First, the security guard – thank you for being there with my son and talking to him trying to calm him. There was also a male nurse who was always there whenever I had a question, needed help, or just needed them to make things move a little faster. I believe the other nurse was the head nurse who would gently move me aside when things were getting out of control, and she would take control. It removed SO much stress just knowing she had control and I had a few minutes to rest. The other two were paramedics who took my son to the hospital. Never in my life, have I met such caring people. Once the doctors had control of my son, they came to me to make sure I was okay mentally. They explained to me what happened and kept reassuring me that everything would be okay. They literally made me realize it was okay to cry in that situation.

Later that day, I guess they brought another patient to the hospital and they came to check on me and my son to say hi and see how we were doing. Sometimes when we look around, all we see is the negative. And yesterday was a complete disaster for me, but it honestly restored my faith in humanity. We have such caring, beautiful people in this world, and they deserve to be recognized. I wish I knew their names just so they can get the recognition they deserve, but hopefully they will see this and know who I am and how much I appreciate everything they did for us.

PS. My son is perfectly okay! Hes taking the day off from school to relax and spend some much needed time with his father❤



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  1. I got a very sick son too.. I’m always at the hospital too the Male nurse is a great person in emergency room…. I hope ur son is ok.. I hope u are ok too..parents need help too

  2. Finally a good news story about our healthcare system. Glad your son is doin better and received the care he needed.

  3. Thank God for Moms! Glad your boy feels better and hope he can learn ways to cope with his challenges

  4. Paula Stark Paula Stark says:

    I’m wondering if this was an incident that happened at my niece’s school. The kids at the school were really scared and didn’t know what was happening. They were worried about the staff that got hurt as well. The school wouldn’t say anything about it to parents who asked about the police presence at the school. It might be a good idea to go into his classroom to explain things to the children so they can understand what happened. Glad your son is doing well. I have had the same kind of experience with a boy I was fostering and I went in to talk to his class about his outbursts and I couldn’t believe how well the kids responded and helped him out when they saw he wasn’t doing well.

  5. So nice to see such positive feedback and hear about the best experience given a difficult situation. Thanks for sharing, all the best ❤️

  6. So heartwarming to read a post such as this. I have had the experience of being treated at our Hospital, and would have to say, that I was so blessed for the warm, compassionate ,caring and professional manner of first responders, ER personnel and staff. My waiting time for scheduled appts. was minimal considering how busy our Hospital is. I applaud all of them and it warms my heart to know that they are there for us, no matter the time of day, We are so blessed to have such highly trained people to take care of us. Thank you for all that you do.

  7. Glad to hear your son’s all right and glad to hear there are so many wonderful people out there in the world it is hard to find this day in age

  8. Nice to hear theirs caring compassionate ppl still around. Hope ur son feels better !

  9. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    great to hear there are caring people happy thanksgiving

  10. Grace Garon Grace Garon says:

    First responders are a gift, trained staff in Emerg is a blessing. ♥️

  11. It is extremely hard for a Mom to back away & let others (even professionals) step in to do what is necessary for her child. When caring 1st responders & Emerg personnel such as those you’ve described step up, letting go gives you breathing time. I’m so happy your son is doing better today.

  12. Something good on shoutout…. holy crap!!!!

  13. So happy the care and compassion your son and you received went deep to your heart and felt genuinely cared for ❤️.We truly are blessed with awesome staff.

  14. It’s always great to hear good deeds of others.

  15. Glad you and your son were taken care of properly. High five to the first responders and the care team for this family.

  16. OP Thank you for sharing this! Too often there seems to be only negativity being shared in regards to first responders and medical staff.

  17. There’s nothing worse or more stressful to a mother then seeing their child in pain! So happy you had such amazing support! Best wishes to you and your family!

  18. We do have some amazing first responders and hospital staff. I’m glad to hear your son is ok

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