I’m living in an apartment building for seniors, trouble is my unit is cold, and i’m very uncomfortable. you see the windows are the problem, not the heat, superintendent came to look at the windows just made sure they were closed, which did not do anything to solve the problem, all he said was that the building was old, not much they can do, he told me to get a heater, ???? hello! there is heat… what can i use to help with this draft situation.


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  1. Sounds like my apartment. I wake up freezing sometimes . And my dog will go under the blanket to . Sometimes it’s so cold all I can do to warm up with have a hot bath

  2. Plastic wrap the windows?

  3. Eric RB Eric RB says:

    Plastic that is made to go over the windows … make your superintendent install them and maybe leave one window so you can open it ? They have the plastic at hardware stores and it is very easy to install. Just need a blow dryer and scissors. Also a space heater would be nice to add extra heat … they heat up oil inside so it is better to warm up a room.

  4. Delt with this in Garson. Old building, same heating system for whole building. Complained it was cold, landlord turned heat up 0.000001 of a degree, and the druggie upstairs tenants had their windows open all winter, and we had to buy a space heater literally cause we froze for 7 months of the year. And we did everything, plasticized the windows, sealed all drafts etc. After dealing with that for a while and being treated like shit and having your health affected by it, it turns you into an asshole like me. FYI dollarama has plastic kits that do 1 window each for like 1$ if your tight on cash. They also sell patio door kits to seal that up as well.

  5. Lisa Tarini Lisa Tarini says:

    Put a plastic up on the window – cuts down on heat loss and cold coming in

  6. Neil Daggett Neil Daggett says:

    Stop paying your rent. If you can prove that is cold and uncomfortable….too bad if its an old building! Nothing they can do? Bullshit! People need to wake up and learn their rights. Take it to an adjucator, the tenant board, or call your MPP. If he’s that cheap he wont invest in his property, something tells me, he wont pursue you for the back rent.

  7. Jess Ebbers Jess Ebbers says:

    Or an infared electric heater ! They sell them cheap at princess Auto and is really safe

  8. Jess Ebbers Jess Ebbers says:

    Put plastic on the windows

  9. Katie James Katie James says:

    Plastic the windows and get a heater, my apartment has heat, but we still have heaters that we use when its colder. They are about 20$ at Walmart and do work great. The windows would need to be replaced and even still mights not do much. And can’t really replace windows in the winter

  10. Like many others have said put plastic on your windows also you could put up either cardboard or some sort of covering in the windows keep it warm best bet though to get a space heater and lots of blankets could try getting a small personal heater and placing it in the window as well

  11. It’s relatively inexpensive to buy window kits at the hardware store and if you can blow dry the plastic right onto your window takes a couple of minutes for each window…very simple…

  12. Get an electric space heater. They have to pay the hydro bill 😀

  13. Tara Kennedy Tara Kennedy says:

    Is the building owned/managed by Mr Ivey, by chance?

  14. Plastic on the windows makes a huge difference. My old apartment didn’t have heat. But it was sudbury housing so no one gave 2 shits. I had space heaters and plastic on the windows and it made a huge difference!!

  15. Hang a thick blanket or quilt in front of the windows, it will work better than plastic if your able.

  16. If you ARE a senior and you need help with covering your Windows send me a private message.

  17. Foam back curtains are awesome to keep cold out and in the summer the sun out. Love em.

  18. Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

    Plastic on the windows. Landlord should know that.

  19. Plastic the windows. Cheap and easy fix

  20. Put silicone caulking around the windows maybe even pull your trim usually that’s where you leaks are. If there is a draft hold a lighter around window and the flame will move to give you a where it leaks good luck

  21. Mikey Jameus Mikey Jameus says:

    Spray foam them old windows.. the whole window too. Maybe theyll change them after

  22. Arthur Blain Arthur Blain says:

    Plastic on the windows should help.

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