Freezing in my apparment

What can I do/who can I contact when my apartment is freezing but my bedroom is so hot I am sweating and can’t get a proper sleep due to how hot it is only in my bedroom, the rest of the house I have to wear my snow suit or bundle up as it’s freezing… I tried to contact the landlord and they sent a heater guy over who took my rads apart and drained them to say there’s nothing wrong (no air sockets) and if I call back it’s gonna be him who comes back and there’s nothing he can do.. I called his company and complained about him but in the mean time they aren’t doing anything and I can’t keep my oven running when I am asleep or when I work.. it’s the only way I can seem to somewhat keep my place mild temperature.. even friends and family that come over complain about how cold it is and don’t wanna stay… who else can I contact?? I am in need of desperate help…

3 days later after the guy “draind it” I moved my dog beds I just got my girls on Christmas and they’re spoken wet and even partly frozen…the floor is wet and there’s even ice on the floor and frost up the trim… I took pictures as this is absolutely ridiculous.. the pieces he was loosening must of broke as there’s pieces of it shoved under the rad and that’s why it must be leaking.. there’s NO heat at all coming from my downstairs rad anymore and it’s just freezing cold down there.. what can I do?! Please help.. I don’t want them to send grouchy rude ass ED back to my apartment, he’s just going to make matters worse again.. on top of that he didn’t even put my rad on correctly so there’s razor blade edges pointing out that can harm my poor pets if they walk by or lay down there or even slice a foot or ankle walking by..



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  1. Kizzo Nizzo Kizzo Nizzo says:

    if you dont pay electricity just turn ur stove on and use a fan to circulate the heat

  2. Samantha Williamson looks like we arent alone..

  3. Daniel Enous Daniel Enous says:

    i am in a basement apartment, furnace is shit so i leave the oven on all day and night and close the oven door.

  4. Get a fucken plug in heater

  5. I have storm windows lol, he gives me that plastic wrap for windows , I dont have a blow dryer to tighten the plastic…..lmao

  6. Matt Frawley Matt Frawley says:

    Call me I’ll warm the place up

  7. Do you pay hydro? If not, get space heaters, keep the recepits and take it off of your next rent payment, attach photo copies of the recepits. If the landlord complains just threaten to go to the LTB if you can’t simply have a heated apartment.

    If you do pay hydro, I say just go to the LTB anyways.

  8. Give Ed a second chance and document your calls / visit and have a thermostats to determine the temperature. I heard health unit is pretty pro-active

  9. If there’s a plug in outside then run an extension cord w a space heater

  10. Well since we have no tribunal judges in this city for the next 3 months … not much u can do other than file a civil case against your landlord for violating the landlord tenant maintenance act

  11. Call 311 talk to bylaw officer they will come check it out.

  12. Get space heaters. If the landlord conitnues to neglect his/her duties, call the Landlord and Tenant Board to see what your next step is ti make the landlord fix the problem

  13. Andie Cerson Andie Cerson says:

    The recent overnight lows left our heat unable to keep up. We did the stove trick – worked like a charm for the main core. And a little space heater in our room made a HUUUUGE difference for such a little thing. (Mental note – dont use with door closed – cripes!!).
    Those two mild nights we had in the middle suddenly the whole apartment was over heating and that confirmed it’s the brutal cold snap we suffered through. We have the lousy single lane windows and they’re huge in every room, so a plastic insulation layer (window wrapping) helps too. A few more days and hopefully you’re not left bundling up indoors!

  14. Janet Jones Janet Jones says:

    My other apt same..son took it over now hes going through was 60 in there..pays for his own hydro and has been heating with oven and small heater l left there..freeze in winter and a sauna in summer..landlord does nothing so l hear ya..

  15. If you don’t pay hydro please plug in a space heater. Tell the landlord you’ll send him the bill or take him to small claims court if he doesn’t either fix it or pay it. Call the health unit and start and lanlord and Tennant board claim. You can go to legal aid for advice, there’s a clinic in the rainbow center I believe. They will provide guidance. Good luck. I hate slum lords.

  16. I don’t understand this post if it doesn’t include why you hate your current partner or why some weirdo is stalking you… Maybe you can spice it up and talk about how the cold gets you hot and bothered but your scumbag boyfriend won’t put out because he’s cheating on you

  17. Use your oven..ut will generate heat

  18. Luc Rioux Luc Rioux says:

    where is the thermostat located in house also make a differnace it might be in the living room so you re room would not stop heating until the heat hit the thermostate and for reste of house probably no air flow to mouved heat around house so turn down the heat from rad in you re room and keep that door close if reste of house still dosent heat up then there a blockage in the pile not allowing water to flow trew it so you get heat …..or valve on rad need to be change

  19. For the time being leave your bedroom door open so the air circulates and your bedroom cools down and everywhere else heats up, and if the landlord continues to not do anything and if hydro is included then turn your oven on and leave the door open and it will help warm up but keep an eye on it lol

  20. Doug Bruce Doug Bruce says:

    Its been 60F to 62 in my apartment the last week and a half or so….whole bunch of tenants are freezing and nothing to be done. Legal minimum in Sudbury is 70F. By the time the health unit gets around to you, it will have warmed up.

  21. Joshua Moses Joshua Moses says:

    Plastic barrier around your windows. And keep your doors open. Send the landlord the receipt for items bought.

  22. Marissa Roy Marissa Roy says:

    Seems to be an issue everywhere .

  23. Mazra Lepack Mazra Lepack says:

    Get ahold of landlords and tenants act or tribunal. They will be able to help you also you can call health unit and have them investigate the situation

  24. I’m also wondering about this my landlord is not fixing the heating issue and I have been running an electric heater for at least 2 months it’s crazy

    • Kevin Courchesne call the landlord and tenant board and ask for an application to with hold rent until the issue is fixed. Heat is apart of rent. Even if it’s up to you to pay it, it’s up to them to maintain the furnace itself so it functions proper. Or rads whatever the issues. They will send the form you fill it out and with a letter indicating the problem and how long oh have been asking them to fix it, give them w time limit like a week to have someone in to repair the problem and give it to your landlord. Make a copy for yourself. If the work isn’t done by then you send in the forms. Once approved you are now legally allowed to pay rent to the landlord and tenant board who will hold all rent payed until the work is done and then pay it out to the landlord when he completes the work and has proof

  25. Elizabeth says:

    Do you pay hydro? If not please plug in a couple of space heaters so that maybe his electricity bill will light a fire under his ass. In the meantime start a case file with the landlord and tenants board, that is unacceptable. Even try calling him, telling him it’s being recorded and let him know you are calling the health center and going to the media as well as plugging in space heaters which he will be responsible for paying the bill.. You can go to legal aid, call their clinic, and they will absolutely be able to guide you. Good luck !!

  26. Dave says:

    Maybe you should slow down on the sex, it is clearly causing the excess heat in the bedroom.

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