FREEDOM DAY! July 1st, Bell Park

Bring your flags and your kids to celebrate the True North Strong and Free! There will be lives music, games for the kids, fireworks and more!

Festivities start at 1pm and will run until 10pm. Hope to see you there!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s called Canada Day, and has happened for over a century

  2. Anonymous says:

    July 1st isn’t really identified with Freedom in Canada. It is the anniversary that the British colonies of North America joined in a federation.
    Freedom Day is more accurately June 22nd which celebrates the Royal Accent of the Quebec Act of 1774 which entrenches Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion in Canada. Americans cite the Quebec Act as one of their “Intolerable Acts” leading them to engage in rebellion against the British in 1776.
    Democracy day would be February 2nd, the anniversary of the dawn of “Responsible Government” in Canada when the British governor of Nova Scotia signed into a law a bill passed by the Legislature without regard to his own feelings on the bill.
    Independence Day would be 11 December 1931 with the proclamation of the Statute of Westminster enshrining Canadian control of both foreign and domestic issues for Canada.
    July 1st, 1867 isn’t unimportant as it sets the framework for a Free and Independent Canada, a Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy that values the liberal values of the supremacy of the rule of law, peace, order, and good government. Basically everything that the idiot trucker terrorists are against.

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