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I’m looking for someone who’s cat just had kittens or someone who has a kitten they are looking to give away! Looking for it to be free, as I’m doing this for a friend who’s been looking:)


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  1. Message me I have two kittens that will be available 1st or second week of February

  2. Emily Tang Emily Tang says:

    Msg me I have 4 little ones

  3. Karen Landry Karen Landry says:

    Pet Save is at full capacity with cats and kittens. Please go there first

  4. Free kittens are great for larger snakes. Just an FYI.

  5. Ashley James Ashley James says:

    My cat was free, she was 6 weeks old when we got her. Free kittens need a home too, so do shelter kittens. I took my kitten to the vet for dewormimg and shots and got her fixed before her first heat. Just because she was free doesnt mean I dont take care of her.

  6. The palm reader on the kingsway has a black kitten needing a home. It’s very cute and basically very smol

  7. What about a 10 year old cat spayed and declawed?

  8. I have a kitten ready to go.

  9. Honey you must be young and naive there is no such thing that’s free in life..if you don’t pay monetary you’ll pay in other ways..go to a shelter and adopt

  10. Donna Munro Donna Munro says:

    The one on the right was “free” and cost me somewhere around $310 for spaying and 1st needle and the one on the left was $150 rescued which included 1st needle and neutering. Cheaper isn’t always better because the one on the left is a total dick…lol

  11. There is no such thing as a free kitten. My friends cat had kittens & I took one ….. he needs vaccinations which is over $100 each time ….. plus he needs to be neutered in a few months. Most likely going to travel to North Bay for the neuter …… gas money plus a vet bill …….. food & formula are $40 each …….. kitten life isn’t free.

  12. Andie Cerson Andie Cerson says:

    The person obtaining the kitten is looking for free. Maybe the friend the kitten is for has a higher budget in life and the friend is just trying to make the surprise.

  13. Look at all the people freaking out Joseph Cormier lmfao we got our cats for free and still got them fixed, idk why people assume these people won’t get their cats fixed

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Michelle Nicole Dutrisac because most don’t…if they did then we wouldn’t have such a problem with over population…
      It’s also cheaper to go through a rescue unless you want or have the means to go out of town to have it fixed…

    • Michelle Nicole Dutrisac probably cause most people looking for free cats are too poor to bring it to the vet babe lol

  14. Kittens are never free when you take care of them properly! They need vaccinations, deflea, deworming and at 6mths they need to be fixed! It’s cheaper to adopt a kitten from a rescue!

  15. why cant people mind there business its not your place if they want to add a furry friend to there life that’s there business not yours..

  16. I got my one year old amazing cat from the SPCA for 100$. Fixed, microchip and needles. Rescue a cat, there are hundreds in need of a good home. But also remember, pets aren’t gifts, it’s a life and a commitment and to dump that commitment onto someone unexpectedly is careless and not fair to both the cat and the person. Think twice please.

  17. If you can’t afford to pay for 1, how can you afford food?

  18. PEOPLE, FIX YOUR DAMN CATS.. If you can NOT afford to be a RESPONSIBLE pet owner, do NOT get any.
    The fact SO MANY CATS are in shelters are due to exactly THIS. “I want a free kitten”, why? Because you don’t intend on actually getting them fixed.
    Unless you had a cat DROPPED OFF AND ABANDONED at your place, YOU are responsible to have it fixed, and not ADDING to the problem.
    And those who do abandon them, shame on you.
    I don’t normally lose my shit on here, but SERIOUSLY EDUCATE YOURSELVES. If you really do love animals, you will not cause more over population, and cats alone, starving, needing homes, or stuck in cages.

    • Just to add. Those willing to pay more out of pocket to fix their cats, and do so by helping farm owners who get overwhelmed by these irresponsible people abandoning them, are heroes.. I’ve known a few barn owners who do everything they can to take care of drop offs, find homes and fix them, costing them a fortune over time. People who help them by taking some off their hands, and actually following through on fixing them.. You people are amazing.. xo

    • I had a kitten come to my door four years ago, maybe three pounds, you could count it’s ribs. He was going to die within days had he not found his way to my door. Four years later he’s been neutured and chipped and needled up and he is the most amazing animal I’ve ever had. It’s like he knows he was a gonner had we not kept him. All told it cost over 400$ but I’d pay that three times over for his love. Rescuing an animal is a gift the keeps on giving and rescuing from a shelter is so much cheaper than getting that free kitten you’ll never take care of properly.

    • Janet Jones Janet Jones says:

      Shawna Larose l totally agree with u..sad to see all those drop offs when kittens gets older..found one and learned she was pregnant and dropped off..still have her and kept a kitten also..

    • Karri Ann Karri Ann says:

      Shawna Larose I Just literally got all our barn cats fixed in the fall we had 14. That was a huge bill on top of vaccines lol but had to be done seeing as we wanted to keep everyone one of them. They are all amazing and loving

  19. Tracy Branch Tracy Branch says:

    I have free kittens ready to go to home by end of this week. Message me if interested.

  20. Free kittens end up costing almost 300$ once you get them fixed and vaccinated. Trust me, it’s a lot less expensive rescuing a cat than getting a free kitten. Small Things CATS has cats and they’re all 60$-160$ and they sometimes have a cat sale.

  21. The Sudbury Animal shelter has deals on on cats for $50 sometimes, they are fixed, had shots, license etc….

    • What shelter is this deal at? It sure isn’t the SPCA

    • I put the link up, it’s for the Greater Sudbury Animal Shelter, check their facebook page, posted 2 days ago there are cats for $50.

    • Joanne Ouellet they’ve reduced the adoption price because they are at capacity and can’t accept any more animals until some are adopted out!

    • I know that, that’s why I posted it, this is for other people, I don’t need to be educated.

    • I am SO sick of assholes who cause this issue. They claim to be animal lovers, but don’t fix their animals, and cause many stuck in shelters, or being abandoned. Anyone searching a “free” cat, does NOT intend on getting them fixed.
      Now people willing to take a kitten from a farm where one was abandoned, and still pay out of pocket for the rest, I admire. Unfortunately farms get stuck with people’s unwanted pregnant cats, and can only afford to fix so many at a time. Those able to help them by adopting and fixing are heroes in my eyes..

    • Shawna Larose , you’re right. I would only adopt from a shelter or rescue. Those animals need help. We wouldn’t have so many overrun shelters if people would spay or neuter their pets. Way too many ignorant assholes out there.

    • Joanne Ouellet I agree.. but some of these assholes drop of pregnant cats at farms. I’ve known a few who spend a fortune to fix them, feed them, and find homes for them. The kittens they give away to homes they truly believe will follow through on fixing them, as reality, they are already spending a fortune on what was never their responsibility to start with.
      It really sucks for them. However, I’ve also known some who claim they will fix the female and don’t. Pet save took a batch in from one guy I knew, offered to take the mom as well. He gave up the kittens, but refused to give up the mom. And as far as I know, never fixed her.. so most likely more batches since. It’s frustrating as hell.. 🙁

    • Some rescues won’t take the kittens unless they are 100% sure the mom is getting spayed. Usually they want mom too.

  22. pet smart also has some kittens and cats. spend he money to show your friend you care 🙂

  23. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE PUSSY! So pay ! Like the rest of us ! Cheap skate! Lol

  24. Why not adopt from a rescue where the kitten has had its first shots and possibly been spayed or neutered already and a kitten that needs a home.

  25. A “free” kitten costs more than a kitten from the shelter. In order to be a responsible pet owner you need to get it fixed and vet checked; which costs more than the adoption fee for an animal who will have this done or set up prior to adoption.

    • The damn kitten from a rescue still costs more. All you get is first shots and a spay neuter. When you factor in the second and third set of shots that come out of pocket, it still averages the same about. Maybe a tad bit more, but not by much. For my male cat, all shots and neuter cost me $400

    • The cost of paying OOP for a spay or neuter is greater than the cost of the adoption fee. The cost to adopt a cat from the shelter is 200$, and this includes the spay/neuter, first round of shots, microchip, and a year license with the city.

      The cost of a neuter alone can run you that much in Sudbury; a spay being more. Add in miltople visits for vaccinations, the cost of a license, etc? You are paying more OOP for a “free kitten”, especially if they arent vetted and may have other health problems.

      You are saving money by adoption through a shelter.

    • You assume they plan on doing any of this, fact is most kittens from an individual do not ever visit a vet.

    • Which just leads to more homeless animals out there. It’s sad and irresponsible.

    • I helped farms find homes for kittens from drop offs they had. Fortunately, homes we found did fix them, knowing they were helping unwanted drop offs. They did take in more cost because of it, but did it to help. They are heroes.. But few are willing to take free then pay more for the rest.

    • Shannah Williams lol a rescue kitten is 225!!!

    • Joleen Watson yes that’s the very sad reality as to why we have such a horrible problem with stray cats in Sudbury!

    • Amber Gee Bol yup for sure

    • I’d never use pet save or those useless places ever again. I got rejected cause I didn’t live in my home for 3 years. Fucking bull shit. I have 2 cats now one I’ve had for 5 years. Didn’t use SPCA or any of that. Used Kijiji. And they are as healthy as they can be.

    • Kijiji is literally the worst place to get a pet.

      Pet Save isn’t the only place to adopt.

    • Amber Gee Bol is right! We have like 5 rescues in Sudbury now.

    • Perry Folster that wouldn’t be the sole reason of your rejection. That would of been a red flag but something in your interview made them feel that you weren’t suited at that time because I was living in my apartment for a year and was approved, but I have a very stable life and other factors got me approved.

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