Fraud Landlord

So I contacted an ad where a landlord advertising “One Bedroom Apartment For Rent ” at 77 Barry Street in Minnow lake.

He’s a fraud. He pretended he lives in Texas and is renting the place and that he’ll send you the keys after you send him $300 for a deposit.

After several emails his story fell apart as he didn’t want me to have his address in case I needed to send him anything. He wanted me to get gift Steam cash cards to pay him and show him the codes so he can cash them. I googled the same address and found a phone number and called. The old guy told me this Ben Collins fraudster had people showing up at the place a while back after he had collected rent money. The old guy says told me the police were told back then and I guess as usual the police did nothing to stop this ongoing fraudster who is still at it.

Stay away from any place for $700 in minnow lake with an email of You were warned.



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  1. The same thing happened to me with an apartment in Hanmer.

  2. The fraud & scams that go on today is scary ! If police do nothing – then they just keep on doing it. How sad.

  3. Leslie Chow Leslie Chow says:

    People like that deserve to have their thumbs cut off.

  4. Chelsy Kozub Chelsy Kozub says:

    Just emailed him. Lets have some fun.

  5. If you cannot meat the landlord or property manager and the “landlord” is requesting money before a proper viewing then it’s obviously a scam. I’m not sure how people can think it’s legit.

  6. CB Christian CB Christian says:

    Theres so many people who do this

  7. I put the email in Google and several ads came up for the same address here is one of them

  8. Sadly, there are many shysters out there who will stop at nothing to get ‘free’ money from people. This man should have been charged with fraud, but our court system is so far behind, even on more serious charges, it would probably never get to a trial anyway. At least publishing the information might help prevent some others from being scammed by these crooks.

  9. If you buy gift cards than send it to someone you’ve never met for rent than you are sadly so naive..this scam is incredibly common.

  10. Isn’t that a sudbury housing thing or some kind of co ops….just curious

  11. Amanda Burke Amanda Burke says:

    That happend to myself and my husband last month in Niagara and more place a few times

  12. this crap has been going on for years , same scam

  13. Same thing happened to my son. They wanted $800 etransfer and said they’d mail the keys. The house was empty but it seemed fishy and I read the Contract and there was just no way we were goo g to send a money transfer in good faith. We looked up the house online and it was a real estate listing. Called the police and they didn’t care. Contacted kijiji and they didn’t care either. They prey on students big time.

  14. never send deposits in the mail.

  15. It’s not that they didnt want to do anything it’s the whole finding the real identity. Alot of fraudsters use fake names online so it usually ends up at a dead end.

  16. This is an old scam that was happening back about five to seven years ago for rentals on Paris st. Beware!

  17. Everyone should flood his email

  18. contact Kijiji .. tell them about the fraud (if on Kijiji).. I had advertised an apartment for rent and got the ad hijacked… I was not aware until someone called me to tell me about it… same idea, wanted a deposit sent to an address in Alaska.

  19. Bryan Poulin Bryan Poulin says:

    What? A Nigerian prince needs my money.

  20. This is a very common scam. Never send money without seeing the apartment in person and receiving a working key. No, they won’t mail you the key, no their friend won’t give it to you after you send the money.

  21. Bob Léger Bob Léger says:

    This happened to me over 10 years ago guy wanted me to send money by western union only… Said he was missionary living in the states somewhere, i was working for a security firm at the time knew there was something fishy but kept leading him on through emails, when tracking his emails i found out he was sending his emails from northern Africa lol long story short I collected all data and convos I had with this person and handed it to the RCMP .

  22. Marie Jena Marie Jena says:

    Louise Maher didn’t u have someone like this….

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