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Found this wallet on the sidewalk on Elm Street by the Kwik Way store. These jerks must have stole it as I saw them throw it on the ground and discuss going to meet a guy for their drugs. I took a pic of them through my window so it’s bad quality. I’m sorry I didn’t have time to open it and get a better pic.

I’m looking to find Ronald R. Poulin who lives in Hammer. I tried to find him on Canada 411, and on Facebook and on Google. If someone can have him comment or comment if you know his number and I’ll pm you. I have his address but I don’t drive. Just want to get his wallet to him. His bank card is there, his license, his OHIP card, birth certificate SIN card and Laurentian Alumni card.



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  1. If you looked up Hammer, no wonder you didn’t find him…

  2. You can drop a wallet off. I’m the OP. But I really didn’t want to. I really wanted to make sure the owner got back all their stuff as. I’ve had my wallet stolen and all my kids and my birth certificate and sin card was lost and never retrieved 🙁 I still don’t have them all back. $$$ so I really didn’t want that to happen to anyone else. I was sure this way that this person got their stuff back. I find it disgusting it’s just discarded that way. I was walking my son to his bus stop at 8:00 am when I found it. I’ve contacted Lise Lapalme Poulin so when she responds we can get this back to her husband. Yay

  3. Good for you in trying to get it back to the owner. To the owner please please please take your birth certificate and SIN Card out of your wallet. It is an indenity thief’s golden ticket.

  4. Hi this wallet belongs to my husband. Can you pm me and we can confirm that he owns it.

  5. I thought you took a found wallet to the post office?? I thought they even had a drop box for it?!?
    I could be wrong about the drop box (unless you just put it in the regular box)?! But I’m pretty sure you bring it to the post office?!?!

  6. Lynne Poulin any relation?

  7. Your best bet is the bank card. If you close to a branch drop it off there and they will contact him

  8. Linda Bignan Linda Bignan says:

    Post on the valley east site

  9. You can also drop it off at the police station too

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