Found Lost Border Collie

I found this gorgeous border collie running up the road from my place. I brought him in as it’s cold out. He has 2 tags along with some sort of ball that lights up.

If anyone knows who this guy belongs to please contact me @ 705-805-2277 or 705-988-0750. Thank you, I’m sure he is missed.



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  1. Nancy Hache says:

    did u find the owners?

  2. Two summers ago a woman hit my bf’s parked vehicle with her car. Her car ended up flipped and while waiting for an ambulance etc, bystanders got her dog out of her vehicle. I took the dog inside since this was in front of my apartment. Ambulance left with the woman and I had this terrified poor dog. I contacted the pound who took the tag information from me. They very quickly were able to call me back. They had the owner on the other line and patched our calls to each other. I was able to speak to the woman’s husband so he knew where to get his dog. Call them. Glad the dog has tags

  3. Pam Whalen says:

    I think this is the same dog that keeps taking off in his owner, he was found in minow lake last time and the owner lives in West End ….adventurous dog he is.l..

  4. Nancy Hache says:

    shared to sudbury lost and found pets

  5. Shared your other post… hope the owners are found

  6. Just use the tags lmao most vets Can identify the animal or the number registered to the city etc. Also where was the dog located. For example theres a boarder that always runs around in hanmer by the farms.

  7. those are city tags, call 311

  8. Call the library and have them search the tags tomorrow!

  9. I hope he gets recovered!

  10. Taylor Jones says:

    Call the # on the tags and they will call the owner?