For those who don’t want to be vaccinated

Well, if you’re scared of getting vaccinated and end up in the hospital ….. maybe you should get the fucking bill for your stay.



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  1. Anonymous says:


    Basically I’m just gonna not take it (the vaccine!!)

    I’m sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH I know…. I know…..

    It’s just that I’m not taking it is all!!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Orange man bad!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had no reason to not get vaccinated. I went and got it and ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks. Certainly not getting the second dose that’s for sure. It’s been over 2 months and I’m still suffering from neurological symptoms. Your body,your choice. The “vaxed” are still catching covid. All the the things this “vax” was suppose to do is out the window. You’ll catch covid regardless at this point. I’m keeping my circle small I go out when I must and I sanitize everything and hope for the best. After what happened to me. I refuse to let my children take part in this trial spike protein. There’s not enough information yet for me to believe it’s safe for them. I really believe more information needs to be looked at. I know what happened to me is unusual but it still happened and I don’t wish that kind of reaction on anyone. Nit a single person can answer why it did what it did to me, and that’s not ok. They need to know why it happens and what to do about it before I allow them to pump their experimental gene therapy into anymore of my family.

    • Anonymous says:

      Having some unknown random reaction is not the same thing as ‘experimental gene therapy. Thus is just a really poor attempt to pump a conspiracy disguised as a ‘real story’. Notice how there is no info given around what landed this person in hospital, what the symptoms were, how long after vaccine, what doctors said, what were the release from hospital conditions, etc, etc, etc. No details at all. Nice try, but I call bullshit all over this fairytale

      • Anonymous says:

        A fairytale? U think this is fun and everything I wanted in my life? All u had to do was ask the questions and I would have gladly answered anything you wanted. I got the vaccine and two days later my eyes began to twitch and then it went down to the whole left side of my body thats what landed me in the hospital. It then began to affect my right side as well.unable to weight bare& walk at times unbalanced Slurred speach numb face burning tingling numbness all over my entire body, memory issues I mean the list goes on I have had numerous tests. There is no diagnosis all we know is something is happening within my central nervous system. Question is what? Been over 2 months I’m home now and still unwell and was told not to take the second shot. I have had a ct,mri emg,ncv all normal eeg is slightly abnormal. Release orders were to take baclofen working with neurologist now. So no its not a fairytale when u can no longer do the things u once did at 30 yrs old I was completely healthy before hand. I believe in vaccinations but I also don’t believe people should be forced to enter into a trial and I also think people should respect other people’s choices. I didn’t tell my extended family not to get it that’s their choice I to made the choice to do so and I was really happy about it to boot. however I didn’t get as lucky. I just strongly feel their isn’t enough evidence to prove it is safe for ALL! For all I know it could had made something advance that would have anyways or something was in it that didn’t agree with my body or was somehow toxic to me. I understand millions get it n r fine but there are also people that do get unwell from it. That needs to be figured out. It’s hard to get answers about something know one knows about.

  4. What happened to this world says:

    Get vaccinated if you wanna get vaccinated. Wear a mask if you wanna wear a mask. Put on a tutu and dance the Macarena with while eating jellybeans if you wanna put on a tutu and dance the Macarena while eating jellybeans.

    Just stay out of my life.

    K. Thnx. Bye.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you were being true in your intentions, meant well, and apologized and changed course when the data showed they weren’t working, then sure.

    But when you over step your power, and continue to add to the suffering it is not ok. There needs to be consequences for your actions.

    What more is how case numbers were falsified on the basis of unreliable pcr tests

    Unable to tell the difference between cv19, the flu and faecal matter. Fact.

    What is most disheartening to me right now is not the lack of data. Instead, the wrong people in charge of interpreting the data and charting our course. This problem may indeed be beyond the data.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My taxes for the last forty years and absolute minimal use of the hospital says I have every right to the services when needed. With that logic I feel that every overdose, panic attack, hypochondriac should foot their own bill. Fuckin entitled little liberals, good god you guys are brain dead scum.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Here here so sick of the tin foil hat mob like just get your fucking vaccine like are you that pro disease that you want to get covid ?

  8. Voice_of_reason says:

    I’m not anti vax but i won’t be getting vaccinated.
    I have ITP. The vaccine has been known to cause incidences of ITP and a woman with previous ITP died of a brain hemorrhage.

    I would have gotten the vaccine otherwise but….its to much of a risk.

    Now catching Covid could of course make my platelets drop and has itself caused incidences of thrombocytopenia (bleeding) but going by the numbers there are 1.4 million cases of covid in Canada, 38 million people call canada home that equals 2.6% of the population.

    Out of 1.4 million sickened 26,000 have died or 1.8%
    26,000 of 38 million = 0.07%

    Since 97.6% of the entire population is healthy…..i’ll take my chances that i will never come in contact with anyone with covid. Rather than willfully injecting myself with a vaccine that could make my platelets drop.

    The last time that happened i needed 3 blood transfusions (hemoglobin) and a month in ICU. Corticosteroids and Globulin. I’m not sure what the cost of my stay was.

    Also…..i’m pretty sure the unvaxed already “pay for their stay” in the form of taxes.

    Maybe you should have to pay for your wasted education

    • Anonymous says:

      Hope you get better.

    • Anonymous says:

      Pretty sure the OP wasn’t referring to those people who may have a legitimate medical basis for not getting the vaccine, which, BTW is the vast minority of people. Also, always consult with your doctor when making decisions of this kind when needing to balance the pro’s and con’s in relation to your health issues. Most health conditions that compromise immunity are better argument for the administration of the COVID vaccine

      • Anonymous says:

        Whats the fucking difference who the op was referring to? Anyone with a head on their shoulders likes the stats that were just laid out for you. I’ll also trust my immune system thanks. My body my choice.

      • Voice_of_reason says:

        Listen the point of my post is i did consult my doctor, as soon as reports of thrombocytopenia and clotting was detected in some of the vaccinated. up until that point i was ready to be vaccinated.

        my health care provider said that getting the vaccine would be safer the contracting covid and i asked if there were complications with covid and previous ITP patients and they didn’t have an answer they referred me to see a hematologist so i researched it myself through platelet disorders association and national institute of health which both report deaths in existing ITP patients and vaccine but say “while tragic and concerning. However, the relationship between the occurrence of severe thrombocytopenia and the vaccination, if any, is uncertain despite the temporal proximity”

        well that isn’t really an answer…..nobody can tell me why i got ITP after a bought with mono because they don’t know and they don’t know why some people are getting clotting with the vaccine. they don’t have those answers.

        so i did the numbers myself 1.4 million cases 38 million pop= 2.6%
        26,000 deaths in 1.4 million cases = 1.8%
        26,000 dead out of 38,000,000= 0.07%

        how many people have adverse reactions to the vaccine? I don’t know, no numbers released, the government doesn’t think it’s important details to tell the public the Americans do

        More than 339 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered inthe United States from December 14, 2020, through July 19, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 6,207 reports of death (0.0018%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.

        but what doesn’t say is how many people had pre existing conditions how many had ITP what were the % etc

        tell the families of the 6,000 dead it was a mitigated risk. (which is 3x the dead from 9/11)

        so I mean I looked at all the available information and concluded that 97.4 (i wrote .6 previously) of the population is uninfected…..unlike the Spanish flu which saw 2 million cases….when the population was 8 million and 1 in 4 caught it, only 3 in every 100 catch covid

        so i will distance i will mask i will be responsible with the information i have, what i won’t do is jab myself with some vaccine until i have a better understanding of the risks

      • Anonymous says:

        Voice of reason….I hear you My point is simply that you are an anomaly compared to the rest of (most) of the population. It sucks you have been left basically on your own to make decisions. You should be able to access doctors for the answers you need. I get it. I have a condition too, and it has been uber frustrating having to navigate covid and my condition. But covid is still new and it is nobody’s fault there is a lack of information out there, it just is what it is for now until we have the science for answers. I don’t fault you for whatever decision you have made for yourself, I had to make decisions too. I am just saying that your case is not the norm, and most can and do have medical professionals who can help guide them

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not ‘anti-vax’. I’ve taken several vaccines before.

      I’m pro information and anti medical coercion. Big difference.

  9. Brock says:

    Hey fatty, maybe you should pay the bill for any obesity-related issues.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I hope the unvaccinated all fucking die. It’ll improve the gene pool.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Makes no sense at all.. smoke another one bud

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