For the love of God…..

Want things to get back to half assed normal? Quit running and getting tested for Covid every time you sneeze or let a wet fart.

They classify everything as Covid. No tests means the numbers will go down. ….



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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Emergencies” have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have eroded.” – F. A. Hayek
    Our peaceful and tolerant country has become so divided because Trudeau’s Liberal government as been working relentlessly against all Canadians – vaccinated or not – using the COVID crisis as an opportunity to change the fabric of our society (“Build Back Better”).
    They are trying very hard to demonize all resistance and they are using the vaccines to do so. It is against human rights to force any medical procedure on people. It is proper for a tyranny that pretends to be concerned with people’s lives to protect them by stripping them of all rights and independence. The vaccine passport has been created to allowed some “privileges” to vaccinated people, privileges they never lost! A vaccine mandate is the most serious threat for all Canadians, way more than the virus.
    Some Canadian lawyers – almost 500 of them – are starting to become vocal about this whole issue.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree on the stay home part, what happened to common sense and common curtesy? Way back in the day two years ago and the entire 40 some I’ve been alive that is how it worked. Then all of a sudden light switch went off in half the populations brains and they had to be told by elected officials how to behave when sick. What happened to chicken noodle soup, a couple hot toddies some nyquil a heated blanket, or hot water in those rubber bags that every grandparent owned. Favourite tv series and wait one more day after you feel better to be safe? Oh those were the days….two years ago seems like a lifetime now. Whats really really funny is this is so “deadly” you need a test to tell you that you have it. Also funny it has recently very quietly been admitted by the so called experts that the tests can’t determine between covid and the flu…wonder why that is? Also ppl didn’t really take flu shots as much as expected so a little re purposing and re packaging and voila super fast covid vaccines which they don’t want to release info on for atleast 50 years. Hmmm

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s simple cold or covid or flu, if you are sick stay the fuck home. So many people do not get this it is astounding, you shouldn’t need a covid test, a positive result, and forced quarantine to be a decent human being. It should be a criminal offence knowingly spreading any virus. I repeat, covid or not, if you are sick STAY THE FUCK HOME! We wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place if everyone did this. As for covid, I do agree it is a power grab, how are we going to fight it though if everyone is coughing up their lungs?

  4. Anonymous says:

    The “conspiracists” said it was flu all along and the lockdown crew wanted us castrated. Now there are reported cases of “flurona” I wish I was joking….I feel once this hits it will merely transition into the flu and flu shots will be forced. Also distancing them from the fact they have been lying this whole time that it wasn’t a flu. There are many signs if you pay attention that they are easing their way out of this to minimize lawsuits and criminal charges for crimes against humanity(nuremburg) like subtle word changes and gently admitting hugely inflated numbering. Really closely pay attention to wording used in media going forward. I unfortunately was brainwashed in the beginning also but have come to realize none of this makes sense and things just don’t add up. I did my part and received the first two shots, long before omicron I may add, first one was fine, second one I immediately regretted(major chest pressure and chest pains) I eat healthy, exercise rarely consume alcohol and have never smoked. Every health professional I have seen refuses to acknowledge it could be related to my vaccination. What I did notice two days ago was an article listing symptoms of omicron and they added chest pressure and a couple side effects of the vaccine. How many are they going to kill or give long term side effects before people open their eyes? Same with covid “long haulers” that was just covering their behinds from long term vaccine side effects. But what’s really scary is to watch
    how all of our institutions have
    failed at once. Medical, academia,
    courts, media, intel, military, and
    everything in between. All the
    institutions we trusted and
    believed were run by “great
    thinkers” have been hijacked by
    fear and progressive politics and
    now, all the Emperors have no
    clothes. As for the climate change hoax which is what is coming as the next wave of lockdowns well just remember that once upon a time Antarctica was a tropical rainforest similar to modern day New Zealand. These last two years have freed up a lot of spare time to learn, research and ignore mainstream fear porn. Good luck to all.

  5. Ymir says:

    Things will never return to normal.
    The same people pushing this covid agenda and forced vaccination are the same people who believe we are heading for a climate crisis.

    We are now at the highest daily new infection rate of the entire “pandemic” with most of these being fully vaccinated.

    I guess over the next few months when 100s of thousands are falling sick (as the news “warned” you about) you’ll either realize its these fucking vaccines or….you’ll keep getting government shots