I was at foodbasic and a lady filled a cart full of stuff and walked out thru a closed register , the cashiers were quick to notice but when I left I watched her fill her car and leave.

I still wonder if anything got done? Or did she just get away with it?



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  1. Anonymous says:

    they have a tonne of theft there i have noticed. its so bad the staff harass basically everyone. just trying to buy some shit there on a not busy nite and i was followed around by a mentally retarded cart guy looking to bust me for stealing. fuck this garbage city to hell. i am tired of people followed or harassed by staff or other in stores for theivery that doesnt exist. at walmart, several ladies reported me stealing once, only to have the security guard apologize to me for making me take my stuff and making us both look like idiots. metro on lasalle had two guys follow me around the store to point i decided not to buy and left. to them, they think “good we scared off a potential shop lifter” which in reality you just made someone who was going to spend money leave.

    this town is fucking garbage, would rather live alone in the woods at thispoint haha

  2. Anonymous says:

    For every 10$ the grocery store loses in theft/loss it takes 100$ in sales to make up for it.

    • anonymous says:

      And that theft you witnessed cost everyone of us legit customers.And the truly sad part is the fact that it was probably all meat or baby formula that they resell to pay for drugs. They’re not stealing to feed their families.

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