Follow up to the Person who had their Costco Order Paid

I read the post recently from the woman thanking a stranger for paying their husband’s Costco bill when his debit card was declined at the cash and at the ATM.

I thought: What would I have done in this case?

Answer: Not sure if this is an “act” or a ploy by the person to scam money out of people, or if this is something they regularly do to try to supplement their income off of other good-willed and well-meaning people, I am too cynical to say I would have helped this person.

I would’ve been consumed trying to figure out just exactly what reason the person is doing what they’re doing, instead of actually just helping them. (I do have the means)

Can you share some stories where a stranger actually came to your assistance, where you genuinely needed it, and you were overwhelmed by their compassion?

I don’t have any faith in humanity. I know, it’s a problem.


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  1. I have paid for a few timmies orders

  2. Bonnie Mack Bonnie Mack says:

    Totally happened to me at a subway and I had the means to pay but realized I forgot my bank card. I told the cashier I’m going to check my car but if not I live just down the road and will come right back. Right out of the blue the gentleman behind me paid for it. I was shocked and thanked him. He responded saying “one day do the same for another”. Wow. There are some good ppl in the world.

  3. Karma says that we do good because it is ehat we should do. It doesn’t tell you the outcome.

  4. Dave Staskus Dave Staskus says:

    Friday afternoon my wife and two young kids blew a tire on the side of the highway. She called me but I was still at work and quite a distance away. I told her to hang tight and I would be out there as soon as I could.

    About 20 minutes later as I was heading her direction she called me back and said not to worry because some random good samaritan had helped her out and put the donut on for her.

    Sir, I still don’t know who you are (tried posting and sharing something when it first happened in an attempt to locate him) but if I ever find you I have a case of beer with your name on it!

  5. Laura Dugit Laura Dugit says:

    Too many times I have had people help me out, be it money, tire repair, snow shovelling, carrying groceries up 8 flights of stairs and in other ways, and I’ve played it forward just as often, sometimes buying coffee for officers directing traffic on cold winter days, buying a meal for someone sitting outside Timmies saying they were hungry only to watch them eat most of the food saving some for their dog. Driving people from their vehicle to a gas station and back. I have helped often and been helped in return

  6. I was working as a cashier at a grocery. Man who was obviously not mentally well came thru with an order of order of $150. He took out a $125 in gift cards and I said it wasn’t enough…I felt really bad for him, he was close to tears. I said I would help him choose some things to put back, not to worry, it was okay, etc, etc. Lady behind him said “put your gift cards away” and paid for his whole order like THAT. Man was so grateful and surprised. I packed his stuff and put it into his cart for him. Went out and hugged that lady, and I told her that she was a great person. I am SURE that one was not a scam. But even if it was, that is not the point…there are really good people in this world…the good ones don’t make a big deal of it, or brag about it…that’s why you sometimes forget they exist.

  7. I was once at a gas station and saw a family trying to pay for gas with a credit card number on a piece of paper. They were trying to get home around Christmas and had called their mom (who they were going to see) and she gave them the number to pay for gas. The cashier was stating she needed the card to pay for the gas and the people were visibily upset and scared that they had no way to pay for this gas.

    I walked up and covered their gas bill along with my order. I watched as the wife broke down into tears and thanking me over and over again. I never told them my name and all I asked was for them to do it for someone else one day when they have the means to do so.

    There are people out there who just want to make people happy. I can’t count the number of times I have asked to pay for the person’s coffee behind me in a Tim Hortons line-up. I’ve watched a waitress get stiffed for a tip and put $20 on the table for a $15 meal. Or just tipped 100% extra when a waitress is having a hard day.

    Am I rich? No. Am I well off? Not really. But sometimes when I have a little extra money, I don’t mind using it to make someone’s day exceptional and have a story they can tell their friends.

    I’m not the person who paid for this Costco order. But whoever it was has a personality just like me. Because one day I will be standing in line with all my bills caught up and think to myself “I could drop $100 on dinner and drinks with friends for 2 hours or I could drop $100 on this person’s grocery order. One of these will give me joy for 2 hours, the other will give someone joy for weeks or months”

    • Melissa N Maggie Sometimes it just takes one person to change someone’s life around. I had this happen to me before all of this with a frozen pizza at a gas station. Forgot my debit at home (4 block jog away) and was just picking up a quick late night dinner. Some mystery woman paid for the pizza and asked me to pay it forward someday.

      Sure that $8 could have been spent on ANYTHING else. But it was worth millions to me that day. And since then, I try every day to make someone’s day a little bit brighter one way or another.

  8. Watch a video of the song “Hello in There” by John Prine…you will be moved.

  9. I had someone pay for my supper. I went to grocery store to buy a couple slices of ham for my supper. Well I usually have my debit card with me but I forgot it in my van I did have my phone which I pay with tap the tap wasn’t working that day I had my 5 year old son with me. The lady behind me offered to pay for my ham. I was so thankful to her. And I will definitely pass on the act of kindness to another. I’m just happy my son was there to witness someone being so kind and generous enough to pay for our supper.

  10. Oh and my son got his tooth knocked out at lazer tag, the guy in charge didn’t even hesitate to get it fixed for us! He paid in full still so thankful

  11. My 10 year old son and his best friend watched a little boy fall in the snow during the Easter egg hunt out in Lively yesterday. They weren’t close enough to help him up but we’re able to watch his bucket fall over and all the eggs he collected fall out and watched every other kid run to this boy and instead of helping him the kids left him in the snow and toke every last one of his eggs. They both toke part of what they had collected and gave it to the boy without hesitation. Never been more proud in my life. Two 10 year Olds showed me that there’s till hope for kindness in this world.

  12. Tracy Riddle Tracy Riddle says:

    At my lowest, and counting every penny like it was a fortune, I was short on my grocery order by less than $5. I was embarrassed and trying to figure out what I could put back without too much fuss. A very nice, kind, sympathetic gentleman offered to make up the difference for me so I wouldn’t have to go without. I will always be grateful for that kindness. It may have been years ago, but knowing what it is to be flat broke – I will help people in need.

  13. Who cares. Stop trolling m

  14. Andrea Cram Andrea Cram says:

    Regardless you bought someone’s food not like you paid for his drug habit. Even if he had a problem a full belly is better then an empty one.

  15. I wasn’t short on cash but the server at Red Rooster paid for me and my son’s meal because he was missing his mom and said I reminded him of her.

  16. When I worked cash there were a lot that would pay for someone’s purchase not any huge amounts but it did happen frequently.

  17. Dave Lacasse Dave Lacasse says:

    I have lots of stories about getting help and giving help, one of the biggest is when we ( family of 4 and two dogs) where coming back from Toronto are van broke down in Nobel at the timmies, I was outside trying to fix it and it was getting dark out. When I went inside to get coffee , I’m line a man behind me if I got the van fixed, I said no, he said that he would give us a ride home, I told him that there was 4 of us and 2 dogs, he said that was fine, we got to where he was parked and he was driving a huge rv, that was a nice ride home, he gave us a ride right to are driveway. We offered him money and he did not take. Now I say if people want to give and I think it might be a con, I tell myself it’s not my money if it’s only a couple bucks, but if I know it’s a scam for a lot of money I would tell them that it’s a scam…

  18. Amy Welch Amy Welch says:

    .Well here is some examples of humanity…elderly man sitting with sign down near the mail office asking for food…we took him out to eat and said anything u want on menu is yours…hubby told him the steak is really good and he ordered that…..after we were leaving his eyes filled with tears and said….I prayed to god today and was going to end my life that if i was worth living please send someone to help me and he said you and your husband appeared….another example lady with kids just moved and was not able to get a hamper basket for christmas and posted on facebook…i saw a lot of comments but no one could help as they were worried about there christmas as well and it was the 23rd…contacted her asked what she needed…took a taxi to deliver food for xmas and enough to get by to the end of month as i do not drive lol she had tears in her eyes when we entered her apt she had a little 4 foot tree and decos not much in furniture but enough to be happy…by the time she paid her 1st and last and got furniture she had nothing really left as she just left an abusive relationship and apologized for the black eye she still had….had a great talk and wonderful lady and very polite kids as well….she thanked me in person and then on facebook for the wonderful christmas dinner and toys for the kids….I have sponsored the spca with yard sales i have had and blueberry picking…feed friends dinners have given food to people who have little…Now that hubby and I have the means i no longer question why ppl need help i just do it as we know what it is like trying to make ends meet and we have even eaten onion sandwiches to survive…Thankful for us these days are over for several years…..The root of all Evil is Greed……and as for us….we dont do it for a pat on the back….we do it when we can as we know the feeling of being broke desperate for help the issues that go with these feelings are over whelming….

  19. atm,s were down, We tried 3 times and declined 3 times we ask the bank and, they said there were power outages causing the cards to be- declined, so I don,t think it was a scam. a good jester for a good reason

  20. Not to long ago I had forgotten my debit in the car so while I went with my toddler to get it I came back and the lady behind me at cash had paid , she was already gone when I cane back never was able to thank her ❤️

  21. I was traveling hwy 17 east and if you are familiar with between Mattawa and Deep River there is horrible cell service. I was passing and transport when I got a flat. I pulled over to check it out but nothing was flat yet. So i kept driving only to see that the transport had pulled over to wait for me to see if I was ok. So when my tire actually went flat further up the road that same trucj driver pulled over to help me change the time and a biker stopped to help him too. So a matter of 5 minutes and two kind strangers my tire was changed and I was on my way. Neither of these gentleman had to stop but they did and I was very grateful.

  22. I saw a post on Facebook, a young man was offering to shovel driveways for 10$. He was a roofer and work had been slow. I got him to do my driveway and it was really bad, he did a very good job. I gave him 40$ because I was able to and grateful he came right away. He came and did my driveway every snow fall after that in the morning before I woke up and never asked for a cent. ❤️

  23. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Why think of the negatives? I believe for everytime you have a negative thought, think of 5 positive things. This will change you.

  24. My family and I were going through a rough time. I was dealing with the government and it’s all to familiar shenanigans at the time. Coworkers and family helped where they could and in return I help those that I can. may it be clothes, food, and even sometimes gas. I do it cause I’ve been there and no one deserves to be a lone or even this post. People do things cause they want to, not everything is a con. You know how embarrassing it is to have your card declined, let me tell you it SUCKS.

  25. I’m a very honest person was I. Costco and needed to put 4 things back because I didn’t have enough xoxoox be a blessing to others xoxo always help if you can lots of people are alone xoxo amen xoxo

  26. I believe that reaching out to others, lending a helping hand, no matter what the other person’s situation or motivation is, will make your heart grow a little warmer. All we truly have in this world is each other. Nurture your own heart, don’t look for or assume the worst and don’t wait for a thank you. Connect when you have an opportunity and nurture your own heart.

  27. Counseling could help and gut instinct is the best good luck to you but yes I see where your coming from I feel like that as well fallow you instinct not all people are bad but yes most are.

  28. I totally get where you’re coming from… instead of just reading the post and thinking “wow what a lovely thing to do” I was immediately cynical, picking apart the situation. I can’t stand that my mind instantly thinks negatively.

  29. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    I was in Edmonton and went grocery shopping…a few items turned into a 100 order…fine but I was walking home!
    I had 5 or 6 bags on each arm….I got about 1/2 a block and realized this was impossible….just then a lady stopped and asked how far I was going…7 blocks…she helped me put the bags in the car and drive me home!
    Thank you stranger!!

  30. Sheri-Lynn Gerow so did I. Nice to read something positive and not immature ignorance. One small act of kindness can change a person’s life .

  31. I too doubt these someone paid for my groceries or my timmies orders as many times in past i was short and put something back

  32. Only post on this site that I read every response AND at the end my faith in humanity stayed intact !!!!
    “Be the change you want to see “

  33. When I was younger, driving Lorne St. during a monsoon rain storm, my car died. It wouldn’t restart & angry drivers behind were honking, yelling & gesturing as they drove around me. This was before cell phones & I could only run to the nearby gas station. Before I could move, a group of rough-looking bikers pulled up & gestured for me to lift the hood. I was desperate, so 2 worked under the hood & another directed cars around me & finally my car started. One then told me they’d follow me home in case it died again. My Dad’s face was priceless when 3 rough-looking bikers followed me into my drive & I got out to shake each of their hands & thank them face to face. I learned that day don’t judge by appearance – kindness & generosity comes in all forms.
    I’ve helped an elderly lady who tripped & slammed into a rough brick wall on LaSalle. Her wrist & arm were torn up & bloodied, her shopping bags strewn over the sidewalk & no one stopped. I helped her up & brought her to my car to go across the street to the clinic. She refused, her husband wasn’t well & she was late, but she was shaking & pale, so I drove her home & helped her up 2 flights of stairs. She was so grateful – kept thanking me & her husband looked so frail. I helped clean & bandage her arm, made them tea & left feeling happy I’d helped & sad that she may have been left on her own. I believe you help when you can, do what you can, in another person’s worst minutes, no pressure, just a great feeling down deep that you made a difference.

    • Sharon Depatie I have a similar biker story. Very kind and generous they were.

    • Michaela Greer This was many decades ago when we regularly saw the bikers out on Bloor St cleaning those big motorcycles until they gleamed – they looked rough, but those bikes were pristine. It was those same bikers who helped that day. Like I said, my Dad’s face was priceless & my boyfriend’s face was even better when they’d wave & say hello. I’ve never forgotten their kindness.

  34. Anne Ryan Anne Ryan says:

    I had a POS car that wouldn’t start without a boost, but I needed to use it until I could get it fixed. Every time I had to start it, I would put the hood up and stand there with jumper cables until someone came to help me. Random strangers ALWAYS quickly stopped to rescue me. I was like a damsel in distress! (I secretly thought a lot of these guys felt like my hero.)

    • Katy Ann Katy Ann says:

      I pulled over once when my old 16 year old car was making a rattling noise. I got out and was looking at the wheel well where I heard the noise and I had two guys pull over at separate times to ask if I was okay and needed any help!!! My car was a shitbox so it just made sounds regularly but I was grateful to know if I needed help, that people would stop!

  35. Just this winter, after the grader passed, I was struggling to shovel the end of my driveway. This amazing couple in a truck with a plow stopped and asked if I needed help. They plowed the end of my driveway… I offered money..they declined. They wouldn’t even tell me their names. It was such a kind gesture.

    • Jennifer similar story except I got stuck at the end of a street. A nice man in his pick up pulled me out, I too offered him money and he refused it. Took a good 20 minutes too to get me out of the snow as my tires were just spinning and spinning even with winters on.

  36. I have seen kids paying for stuff and not have enough go and put it back so I know this kid doesn’t have much isn’t a spoiled kid and deserves it truly so I give them my change or say pick two things whatever u want I’ll pay !

  37. I get the skepticism, however with that said it’s really non of our business as to the “why”. The fact is someone felt it necessary to lend a hand and they probably felt really good doing it, at the end of the day that’s all that really matters for either of them.

  38. Katy Ann Katy Ann says:

    I saw a lady in the Toronto airport, her flight was being announced as final boarding call. She was carrying a baby, diaper bag and a carry-on suitcase. She begged staff at various gates to call her gate up ahead to say she was coming as fast as she could. She begged them to call over one of those golf cart things to drive her down. Staff all refused to help or ignored her. She was almost in tears, about to miss her flight home to NS. I witnessed this and approached her. I said “Give me your bags and let’s run”. She ran across the airport with baby in her arms and I ran behind with her bags. We got her to her gate in time and she made the flight. She was super, super grateful.

  39. Shawna Larose thank you , i hope she does

  40. Brianna Rahn Brianna Rahn says:

    I was at the metro on Lasalle with my 1 year old son . I had a grocery order over $50. My card simply kept declining even though I knew I had the funds and my bank and provided proof through my banking app.

    The lady behind me offered to pay , as I said “no , I really have the money , I’ll come back for it .”

    She plainly insisted on paying because as she said “everyone deserves a break.”

    I actually ended up slightly arguing with her over trying to E- transfer her back .

    She literally told me to ,”shut up, I got it and use the money to buy your son something special.” I didn’t really need the help and she still insisted and forced me to take her help.

    Another time ; my son turned two and his grandparents bought him a child Yamaha motercyle for his gift. To match his grandparents motorcycles . That he quickly grew attached to .

    It had got stolen out of my mother in-laws garage .

    The Sudbury 705 Motorcycle group . Heard about such nonsense .

    Secretly donated and fundraised money for a new bike to replace the stolen Yamaha motorcycle.

    They called a couple months later out of the blue to let us know that they have fundraised money for his new motorcycle.

    So he can ride again.

    **People are kind , you just need to pass it on . I believe what comes around goes around.

  41. That is beautiful, and made me tear up.. May she continue to grow up with that beautiful compassion and kindness you are teaching her..

  42. About 5 years ago there was a house fire on Christmas eve. I got a phone call about 3 am telling the there was a mom,dad,teenage daughter and a small boy ,who lost everything. A few of us gathered things for them. I remember that I put bodyshop stuff and some trinkets for the girl, a roots watch for the boy and all kinds of toiletries for the whole family. There was a few of us Santas trying to get Christmas to the family. I often wonder how they made out after that fire…

  43. Noone ever helps me or pays for my grocerys

  44. When I was younger taking the city bus with my mom and sister, we were waiting downtown and in the bus shelter I found an envelope with money in it and had a bible verse in it. I found it twice actually!

    I’ve had people pay for my orders at timmies and I’ve done so, one young guy was outside TD in the winter with a sign saying he needed money for that night for the shelter it was 25$ a night I think it said, I walked out and gave him 25$ just because regardless if that was the case.. it’s not the moral it’s the principal.

    I know a lot of people are cons but the ones that aren’t we don’t know their situation so why judge. People need to do what they need to do to survive .

    • I can tell you right now the sign was right it is 25 a night at the salvation army shelter… now wither or not they used the money for the shelter or not… I can say that he had a sign that was truthful

  45. Lori Bodick Lori Bodick says:

    I won’t lie I’m a little shocked you would think twice about doing a good deed for someone, to me it sounds like you automatically thought the worst. Means or no means sometimes people need a kind gesture just to get through their day. What comes around goes around. Just my opinion. I love doing good deeds without the OP knowing who I am. I don’t need the recognition. You never know I may be in their shoes someday.

  46. Lisa Lynn Lisa Lynn says:

    Some people have been there and felt embarrassed about their situations. There really are good people in the world

  47. Marissa Roy Marissa Roy says:

    An elderly man saw me at kings buffet with my infant son , he handed me 50$ and said incase your son gets sick , or you need something for your son i refused it but he insisted . I thank that man today that 50$ got me his meds he needed when he began having seizures not even a week later !! How he knew ill never ever know

  48. It’s not a time when we needed the money. When my oldest son was about 2 or 3 years old my husband and I were at Jak’s having breakfast. A lady went to the washroom and when she came out she handed us $20 and told us to go get him a box of chocolates (which we did). She said that she wasn’t able to hand out treats because she was going trick or treating with her first grandchild. I was overwhelmed and I’ll forever remember it.

  49. A home nurse, Anne, i had after complications with delivery made sure I was taken care above beyond what she needed to do. She would check on my son and spend time with me that she could. One day she got mad for me at the incompetence of an emergency room Dr and brought me into emerge and demanded I be treated properly and refused to let them brush it off. Because of her fighting like that, I’m actually alive to raise my son.
    Ive Got off the bus two stops early to walk an elderly woman home with her load of groceries because the driver didn’t stop for her stop two stops behind until we yelled for him to stop. Payed for an elderly woman’s groceries. Watched her count her change over and over making sure she was on budget. A few things came up past the sale and I refused to watch her put them back and asked the cashier to put it through with mine and bag it for her. Bought 3 homeless men coffee and breakfast. Gave an elderly man 50 dollars for a meal at the Santa parade and to help get him a hotel room.

  50. I was stuck halfway in my yard and halfway out. They finally plowed to the road after weeks of not doing it. My van got caught on the dip. I called for a tow (Elliot Lake) and they told me 3 hrs because many people were in my situation. I knew I couldn’t leave my van, I had an appointment and I was pregnant and I had my 18m son sleeping in his carseat. I cried after being there for an hr and trying everything and everyone I could think of. Then 3 guys came and helped me out. The one guy pulled me out with his truck and offered me his extra driveway to park in in the future.

  51. Jessica Bard Jessica Bard says:

    Standard at shoppers with a an 18 month baby… pooped epically, I’m standing crying trying to find the bank card I’d forgotten at home. Elderly lady gave me a hug, told me everything was as ok, and bought me diapers and wipes. ❤️

  52. I brought a hot supper to a homeless man sitting in the atm portion of the bank on Christmas day. He politely refused the pop, but took the water as he said he was diabetic. Broke my heart.. I’ve also paid for the vehicle behind me a few times at Timmies just because.. Sometimes we do things because it warms our own hearts. I’ve never offered something by being pushed or guilted, only when I truly feel myself that it’s either needed, or might just make them smile. 🙂

  53. I gotta new car, first night the tire blew on the highway around midnight, was freezing cold my jack sucked and didnt help at all, 2 guys saw me and pulled over, drove me to their place to get proper tools and a better jack went back to my car and helped me switch to my donut, they didnt want payment and saved my butt huge

  54. JD Tait JD Tait says:

    Well they have a Cosco card. That’s a pretty good indicator.

  55. Kayla Read Kayla Read says:

    I was walking down the street with a few garbage bags full of clothes i just did at the laundry mat a stranger helped me bring them to my apartment

  56. Sue Topps Sue Topps says:

    Either way…the giver doesn’t need to know … but feel good inside knowing he or she did what Jesus would have done.

  57. Bobbi Craig Bobbi Craig says:

    I was at Wendy’s once and kids card wouldn’t work I over heard him say he was going to call him mom. I just paid for his order as I know his mom couldn’t do anything over the phone if his card wasn’t working. I say if you can help someone out even if it’s small help. But that’s my thinking.

  58. I saw a woman, give change to a homeless person once. She said “that’s my last two dollars but you need it more than me”. I saw an old senile man order a coffee at science north, not understanding he had to pay. There was a long line up behind him. Someone walked from the back of the line and paid for it for him. I saw a woman walk up to two young parents, and give them a $50 grocery card. Just to help them out.

  59. Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

    Christmas morning when I was staying at a shelter with my 2 toddlers we went to get gas at canadian tire on regent a man paid for my full tank of gas . I was very overwelemed because no one has ever done that. I was using my last 60$ that day to fill my tank so we could spend time with my dad for my kids first xmas with them.

  60. Here’s one that really helped me: I was a student and I had just gotten groceries including cat litter and other heavy stuff. I asked the cashier to double bag my stuff (this was before they changed for bags) because I was walking home. The woman behind me heard this and about 5 minutes later she pulled up next to me, and offered me a ride home. I still remember it and appreciate it. It was a 20 minute walk and I would have had to take a few breaks to put the bags down. She was a very nice woman and I have paid it forward since then many whenever I get the chance.

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