Looking for information on beds.
Has or does anyone ever bought a foam bed from SEALY or sleep country. Would like some thought about if you like the foam beds.
And are they good for 6 yrs.
or should I stay with spring beds.
Do you like the foam bed or spring
Info would be great.

Plzzzzz. Need some feed back



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  1. Temperpidic has a 20 year warranty on their mattresses. I have had mine for 6 years no complaints here.

  2. Bought spring coil beds for decades – went to TEAK Furniture for our 1st TEMPERPEDIC foam mattress & we have ZERO regrets. Just bought our 2nd one last yr. I’d recommend Teak Furniture for their knowledge, service & prices. Just spend the time to be sure if you prefer to sleep on a softer mattress or a firmer one.

  3. Kim Westlake Kim Westlake says:

    Had spring mattresses for years then switched to foam. I will never go back. Foam is so much better.

  4. Nickers says:

    There is also Sleep Experts in South End at Cedar Point Plaza you can check out.
    I was looking at their Technogel beds which sound and look pretty awesome……….. but $$$$$$

  5. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    I have a tempurpedic bed from Teak Furniture the best bed if you want to bounce around like a mad person and not spill your wine

  6. Jo Richer Jo Richer says:

    Bought an adjustable bed (form) from sleep country last year. Love it

  7. I have a temprpedic for 10 yrs. Best investment

  8. Bob Daigle Bob Daigle says:

    Depends on if you are worried about “making noise” when… Foam beds are quieter!

  9. Ben Rinaldo Ben Rinaldo says:

    I HAD to get 100% foam because of the access to an upstairs bedroom. In 5 years it had big indentations where I and my wife slept. Not a cheap mattress at $3899. When I asked around I was told that it was normal. Maybe a combination of both if it’s feasible. So, a pillow top.

  10. Sandy Grant Sandy Grant says:

    Foam all the way…best sleep ever

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