fight for autism

the papcg of Sudbury would like to put out a shout out thank you to everyone who has recently joined, This message is dedicated to everyone who is against the changes in our autism program of Ontario.

We have a plan to be able to support our Sudbury residents who are diagnosed with autism or who have not yet been diagnosed with the proper treatment. We need more people to join to make this happen. This project is strictly for people who live in the greater Sudbury area. For more info please contact the papcg Sudbury on face book. Please voice your concern! lets fight for the one with no voice! LET’S FIGHT FOR PROPER CARE! LETS FIGHT FOR AUTISM!
Thank you for your time and thankyou shout out!



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  1. For only 2 decades have people with autism had a voice & now Ford’s conservatives are silencing them! Disgusting! You cannot discriminate against a group of people because they were born with a certain disability. Shameful as Canadians that this ever occurred in the first place.

    Have your voice heard.

  2. Tessa Tibo Tessa Tibo says:

    Save them from what

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Tessa Tibo having to grow up untreated

    • Tessa Tibo yes they are health treatments and with out them you are dooming a population to disability, this will also effect every aspect of our community. for more info please contact Diana Bedard on facebook. she is the director of our free autism services.

    • Tessa Tibo yes autism without treatment leaves people forever dependent on our system. Treating them aka intensive behavioural therapy they become happy productive tax payers. The ramifications of this will be devestating. Since when do we deny health treatments based on a kind of disabilty? Wait till they’re in the regular classes in September. Who can learn with a moaning, screaming, head banging, aggresive meltdown, won’t eat anything, still wears a diaper non verbal? Behaviour is contageous. Join the fight. Discriminating against a group of people based on disability is wrong. The class action lawsuit is being organized now. Have yourself heard at

    • Tessa Tibo Tessa Tibo says:

      Well I have a condition called TMJ and I get no help from anyone .
      It is a debilitating condition and not at all recognised by the medical field ….so do not judge me for beeing a little better….any treatment I need comes out of pocket….so put THAT in your pipe and smoke it …check it out at Tmj .com

      • you'reAjoke says:

        exactly people who do major drugs then wonder why their kids are born with disabilities.. DISGUSTING!!! Those people should be ashamed of themselves, and be liable to care for their “Disabled ” children. ..

  3. Yes because government dependency is a great thing…?

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