Feral Cat Looking For Barn To Call It’s Own

Hi, I had posted a few weeks ago regarding a found cat family. The cats were turned over to the Wanapitei shelter. We are trying to find a suitable home for the mama cat as she is at risk of being put down… And yes, the Wanapitei shelter will put her down if she is unable to be rehomed.

The rescuer believes that this cat could be rehabilitated from being feral with the proper attention. She is likely under a year old.

If you are looking for a barn cat or would like to take on the rewarding challenge of working with this sweet kitty, please comment and we will be in touch. She will arrive to you spayed and in exchange for room and board she will be happy to exterminate any critters on or around your property. 🙂

Thanks for your consideration.



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  1. The Wahnapitae shelter is the city pound. A huge squawk was made about euthanasia so the city decided to run their own pound. No vet is going to euthanize a healthy cat. And the city shelter is too politically correct to do their own euthanasia. This is the second story I hear this week about the city pound promoting euthanasia. Shocking.

  2. 10% of animals can be killed in a no-kill shelter and still be considered a no-kill shelter.

  3. No kill does not mean that they will never kill any animal

  4. They are a no kill shelter….

  5. I always believed they had a no kill policy. I’m surprised

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