Fellow friends of Trans, please be careful!

Trans people of Sudbury, there is a self entitled “Wolf'” wearing your struggle and using it to prey on women.

I got tricked into thinking all he needed was friendship empathy and support.

I ended up with insurmountable trust issues and a slightly bruised heart.

I really just wanted a friend, I haven’t made any in my adult life, he knew my situation and twisted it into something so fucked, I still can’t believe I fell for it.

He expressed immense happiness at female pronouns so I often used them. I encouraged him to feel comfortable in his body regardless of his own or other people’s perceptions. I empathized with his feigned dysphoria, taught him how bras worked, measured him and even gave him articles of my own clothing to broaden his ‘feminine’ wardrobe.

He enjoyed “girl talk” and we would often discuss deeply personal things. I told him of my fears of pregnancy, my issues with fertility even potential life threatening risks involved. I treated him as any female friend we talked about everything, even kinks.

To my horror, I learned all about the “wolf’s” true colours…far too fucking late…

His fuckboy friend wasted no time propositioning me for sex claiming he knew I fucked around, callously commenting on my inability to have children.

“Wolf” told his “true” friend all of my sensitive information, he perversed all of the information I trusted him with and essentially set a sexual predator after me.

For weeks I endured his fuckboy friend. Near constant pestering, one minute begging for cuddles and hugs, the next vehemently denying he had real interest in me and ultimately deciding I was useless.

I was objectified and tormented by a stranger, just because Wolfboy wanted to brag about how many women he was sleeping with.

Wolfboy will use whatever he can to further himself from moral responsibility for his personal sense of gain.

He insists on being the victim, getting off on sympathy he tells heartbreaking story after heartbreaking story, in every single story he is the victim. He’s a compulsive liar.

He lies about being in a relationship, always claiming they have either broken up or on the verge of.

He lies about watching a secret girlfriend die in the hospital. He lies about a scar claiming he got stabbed, he lies about supernatural feats of grandeur in an attempt to appeal to a sense of fantasy and hopeless romanticism.

He is a fraud, he pretends to be an empathetic character, choosing to represent himself as sensitive genderfluid/trans when his true nature is a misogynistic creep.

Discussions with former classmates and even his own mother confirm all of this.

He plays the victim, pretending to be completely oblivious of the harm he causes others.

He asks seemingly innocent questions then takes your answers and tells his friends all the things he “did” with you.

He pretends to be well-versed in BDSM. Most often expressing interest in rope play, however he has no experience and clearly has no idea about being SSC. I am unfortunate enough to have the scar that proves it. This behaviour alone is very dangerous, combined with his psyche is an accident waiting to happen.

This self-proclaimed “Angel Wolf” sexualized and manipulated me, who knows how many others, he regularly cheats and manipulates.

The worst of it is his girlfriend, she is young and impressionable and he encourages her belief that other women are responsible for his actions thus making it impossible for anyone to warn her.

Attempting to help him acknowledge his behaviour leads to the truest of coward fashion, he runs and hides whenever called out for his blatant Machiavellianism.

“White Wolf” can burn all the sage he wants but it won’t take responsibility for his actions.

So I must say to my dear trans people, I’m so very sorry you’ve got people like this asshat spreading negativity on top of everything else you go through, apart from this I wish you all the safety, love, happiness, and acceptance you truly deserve.

Please be careful who you trust out there <3


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22 Responses

  1. Lost, mixed up people feeling the consequences of their ridiculous choices. Transgender isn’t even a word because its supposed meaning is impossible. It would be like adding heating elements to the inside of a fridge and calling it transfridge which now identifies as an oven. Not an oven. Just a fridge that wishes it was an oven. No different with people. Call yourself whatever you want. Trans people are just costume wearers.

  2. Mike Ockerts Mike Ockerts says:

    No such thing as a transexual. Just dudes dressing up as women and women dressing up as dudes.

  3. At least give us some initials!

  4. glad you were able to part…. take the time needed and there are still good people out there!

  5. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    As soon as I see “Continue reading” Is when I stop reading

  6. If you really didn’t want people to to deal with it as well , why not drop a name ?

  7. If you are looking for friends in the most fucked up group of people on the planet doesn’t surprise me you found a messed up moron

  8. You should both see a shrink – signed society.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Good job for waking up to his true colors. Don’t let this dog defeat you. Your obviously an intelligent intellectual, you deserve better.,if you think you deserve better.

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