Feeling replaced by pornhub

What do you do when you find your partner is watching porn every minute you’re not around? Especially when you do not feel comfortable bringing it up or want to lose the trust by informing them you are aware they do it. It is hard to bring the topic up because obviously its natural and everyone has urges and it is nothing to be ashamed of.. but it’s hard not to feel replaced when your sex life is less than the usual active sex life for your age or he is unable to “perform” when you do get involved.. but they watch it consistantly 2-5 times a day and dont involve you.. or what would you do when you bring it up and they just find other ways to hide it from you…?


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  1. Linda says:

    You straight out come out and say it. Ball`s then in his court. And you`ll get answers. You won`t like my other answer. But you go for counseling. With someone qualified in this area (even if you have to go by yourself). Why? Because you`re in this relationship and it ain`t workin for ya. Seems like a good reason to me. Self care man, self care. Look out for numero uno.

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