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I’m in a lot of those online parenting support groups on fb… and I have to wonder sometimes how many of these people figured out how to actually have a baby in the first place.

So many times the questions asked are common sense questions. “Hi everyone, dont judge me but my baby is 5m old and just fell off the change table and smashed her head. Now he has a big lump. Should I go to the hospital?”

Naw Nancy.. just stay home and spray some windex on it.

Like seriously..

People should have to take a parenting course and exam before being able to conceive…

Or at least use telehealth or Google so you dont look like a complete idiot.

Over and out!



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  1. We live in a different world than Americans where bringing your child to the hospital could mean a 1k bill to run a few tests and say your kid is fine.

  2. Mikey Jameus Mikey Jameus says:

    Eric St-Germain must be greek

  3. Matt Taylor Matt Taylor says:

    Maybe in a perfect world but people dont think about much besides themselves. Having a kid is just more free money from the gov’t to a lot of people.

  4. Kelsie Dawn wish i could like this 9999 times

  5. 9/10 they’re asking for reassurance

  6. Lynn Kohls Lynn Kohls says:

    More experienced parents should be guiding and mentoring those who need to ask the questions.

  7. Telehealth will always tell you to go to the hospital.
    I was nursing my eldest on my side of the bed and fell asleep. She fell out of my arm and onto the floor.
    I heard her screaming and saw her on the floor and panicked.
    Things happen when you are exhausted, especially as a new parent.
    This happened in the first month.
    Took her to the family doctor and was told that her screaming was a good sign. When they are silent is when you have to worry.
    I was paranoid and always took my kids to the doctor.
    Luckily we had a good receptionist that would book me in within a day or so.
    If you have to ask about seeking medical attention, you should probably bring the child in.

  8. Andie Cerson Andie Cerson says:

    Then why do you stay in the groups? To be one of the rare, all knowing ring leaders who sits and judges and feels amazing about your clearly perfect and flawless parenting? The perfect, angel children you’ve clearly raised as demonstrations?
    Granted, the example you’ve supplied is extreme, but I wonder how many simple or normal first time mother questions get asked that you still and scoff at when in reality, raising another human from newborn vulnerability can be scary and overwhelming for some and all they need us a little judgement free support. If you’re so on your game with mothering and think the majority of other mothers out there are ridiculous, leave the groups …. simple.

    • Andie Cerson this person may not have children.

    • Andie Cerson Andie Cerson says:

      Lisa Ann Moroz that makes the idea of them following a bunch of parenting groups a little creepy lol. And even more judgemental somehow!!
      From what I’ve seen and learned, especially first time mothers tend to relax from reassurance from one another. We all raise our children differently and can bounce ideas off each other, learn a new strategy, and in the end, we are all just trying to get our children to the same destinstion: functioning, independent adults (hopefully respectful, as well). I’m sure I asked silly questions with my first over a decade ago, and since then, with my second and then my nephew and nieces….. it becomes a walk in the park. Not any easier at times lol …. but definitely more natural and laughable. But with a lot of lessons learned to offer another mother who has a question, too. The idea of a mother feeling judged or intimidated from asking a question is just really sad to me 🙁

    • Mikey Jameus Mikey Jameus says:

      Lisa Ann Moroz wtf… youre not for real right now…

  9. Brayden all the mom groups i’m in

  10. Yup the poster is right.

  11. I think sometimes they know the answer but just want to talk..

  12. When u have 16 year Olds having two babies by yhis age it’s kinda hard to stop the insanity! ! The problem lies in the parents to teach their kids some kind of ethics or morals!..babies having babies that’s why they are stupid parents !they are still kids themselves !..

  13. Kelsie Dawn Kelsie Dawn says:

    Adam Read same!! Hahahaha

  14. Kelsie Dawn Kelsie Dawn says:

    John Brown agreed. Even learning about this in school I would still call a fellow nursing friend or doctor. However, telehealth or the paediatric unit will usually ask questions and if serious will tell you to come in. All I was saying was call before going in and risking baby getting viruses they are not vaccinated for yet. That could potentially be fatal.

  15. Kelsie Dawn Kelsie Dawn says:

    As for head injuries with internal bleeding that is a different story.

  16. Kelsie Dawn Kelsie Dawn says:

    As for head injuries with internal bleeding that is a different story.

  17. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    When I had my kids, If I had a question, I either asked my mom or my grandmother. Not a bunch of single 17 year old high school drop outs with 3 kids and 3 different dads on facebook what they think I should do. But hey, we are all different.

  18. See google would have told them their baby would be dead in the next 10 minutes or permantly paralyzed if they didnt rub sage on the bump.

  19. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    Omg… I laughed way too hard at that!

  20. John Brown John Brown says:

    Many let their education get in the way of their learning. And knowledge is a dangerous thing,…when you’re in the zone of,…i know.

  21. Kelsie Dawn thing is, as a first aid person, you can’t diagnose over the internet. If they don’t have training themselves, medical attention should be seen, especially if there is a substantial bump. Babies can’t verbalize symptoms the same as adults or even older kids. Concussions can be serious, and should never be ignored, or put asside while waiting for “Facebook experts”.. Older they are, easier to at least see if they have changes in behavior before going in. Babies however, really worth the risk of trusting Facebook know-it-alls? Because let’s be honest, many are self claimed PHD’s on here with a barely passing high school diploma… :/

  22. Bart Jardine Bart Jardine says:

    People all aern’t on the same page nowadays….in fact quite a few never graduated past wheres waldo books.

  23. fb groups are a wild wonderful world of insanity lol

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