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When wearing this type of jean jacket, should you be able to do up the buttons? Should you wear it buttoned up?



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  1. Depends on how much I’ve eaten recently. CAN I button it? If I do, can I sit down? Do I have spare buttons, just in case? Do I need a friend to help me out of it?

  2. Just like sweaters, it’s a “look” to leave it open. I never do them up. I’m buying a jean jacket, it’s a shorter one and really, it’s not meant to be done up.

  3. I would wear it open and yes I’d wear it if I wasn’t able to do up the buttons.

  4. If you can’t button it up then it is to small… obviously..

  5. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Why don’t you do what youd like. At the end of the day it’s on you.

  6. Alex Charest Alex Charest says:

    I dont button mine. I hate the look of buttoned up jean jackets. But thats just me.

  7. yes but only if you wear socks and sandles as well

  8. It depends on the weather.

  9. Kelsie Dawn Kelsie Dawn says:

    Both. Doesn’t matter that jacket is really nice. Depends on the look you’re going for but honestly both would look just fine.

  10. Id leave it open with a nice t like in the pic.

  11. Gary Schuran Gary Schuran says:

    I button up, but to even it up, I leave my zipper ( fly ) down.
    Seriously…who gives a rats ass. Wear it like you want to wear it. I’m sure you’re not concerned about Versace judging the look.

  12. Wear it how you want…..

  13. Andie Cerson Andie Cerson says:

    I’m sorry, but I read this post as “how do I wear this jacket so that people around me dont judge me and so that they think I’m on par” lol.
    A jacket should button to ensure it’s the right size. Whether you button it or not is your preference. You wear whatever you like, however you like.

  14. Brent Parker Brent Parker says:

    As long as you have pants no one should be offended

  15. It should be able to button properly otherwise it does not fit

  16. Doesnt matter and doesnt matter. But dont try and do it up if your titties are pulling the sides apart. That looks silly

  17. Why would you want to buy a jacket or sweater thing that doesn’t fit you properly?

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