Farty mcFarty pants you have to change your ways.

My boyfriend lets off the loudest, stinkiest farts anywhere and everywhere. No filter. He doesn’t care who hears or smells. he subjects everyone to it.

checkout lines, church, family dinners, movie theatres, in the car and locks the windows so you’re hotboxed. I asked him to stop. There is no medical issue going on. I am embarrassed most often by it, and he is making no attempts to change his ways.

I feel like this is going to be the deal breaker within the very near future. Is this being petty?



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  1. kim just cheated on me for crack don’t believe her post

  2. CJ Borne says:

    He is obviously inconsiderate and does not care about anyone but himself when it comes to this particular matter. I wouldn’t date a selfish person so take from this what you will.

  3. He’s got to be eating something that disagrees with him, or causes gas. Try Bean-O?

  4. Mel Renaud says:

    Mike-Jason Richard LMFAO…when you fart in front of the fan so it goes my way…lol.

  5. lmgaooo me and bf are like this, no shame lol!

  6. Bev Barlow says:

    you say there’s no health issue, but evidence says there probably is – Gaseous odour accumulation: Smelly farts are usually the cause of gas produced by colonic bacteria during fermentation of unabsorbed food residues arriving into the colon.

  7. Allan Coffie says:

    dump the pig!!!!!

  8. Jill Santi says:

    Aaron Randall sounds familiar…. lmfao

  9. Nick Zenhenko Is this Maxine talking about you?! hahaha

  10. Izzy Silver says:

    Lmfao this comment for the win! Hahahhahahahah

  11. Izzy Silver says:

    Ewww this was my ex ! I couldn’t take it !

  12. It’s just gas!! If that’s a deal breaker for you, I feel sorry for him… yes very petty…

  13. Farting is healthy

  14. Just take in some air and fire off a queef or 2

  15. It would def be a deal breaker for me but I’m just weird like that lol

  16. Yes it’s being verry petty! My husband farts the most rancit stank ever (dosnt lock the windows on Me, that’s kinda mean) he eats things on purpose that knows he’s going to let out stinky farts. I love the man he wouldn’t be the same. Yes I walk away from the areas he let’s one out in public but most time I’m laughing along side him.

  17. Brea Dlj says:

    I hear ya ..I know someone just like that … gross

  18. Pam Rose says:

    This made me laugh! Lol thanks!

  19. Brady Jorgensen apparently I made this post in my sleep

  20. Gord Kol says:

    feed him carters lil laxative>he~ll blow more then a fart

  21. Sounds like a charming fellow…j can see why your smitten

  22. The ones that u think r gonna.b silent r the worst ones

  23. Tammy Lynn says:

    Farts are hilarious come on. Its all a part of nature. Suck it up. Embarrassing or not nothing you can do. Unless you want him to burp and taste it and not fart and wasted it. Lmao. Got to relieve some how.

  24. Christine Tremblay did you make this post??

  25. They sell candy that makes farts smell like peppermint, maybe buy him some? My bf is stinky, but he wouldn’t trap me in a car with fart smell, he’s human, not a dick. Id say deal breaker if he can’t be nice about it and it’s something that really bothers you. On the other hand, if it’s just cuz of the smell, get over yourself, that’s pretty petty.

  26. My man thinks I wrote this. But when he is driving and farts he will crack my window a little so the fart goes by my face. He is gross but I still love him. Nick Pruneau

  27. Omg Meghan Lamothe lmao!!!

  28. Sandra Anne says:

    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust..if it wasnt for your ass your belly would Bust!

  29. People who do that need to get left in a septic tank for about a week.

  30. Kristina Terpstra why would write that .!? U r joking right ahahhah

  31. Get him some charcoal underwear

  32. I think u need to put ALOT fiber in his diet…help a brother out. Hopefully he sh*t himself….

  33. Dean Farinha says:

    No filter? You filter your farts?

  34. You must have another girlfriend cause this is you Tyler Lavallie

  35. You have to let them out or you will spontaneously combust!!!

  36. They make fart filters??

  37. Total deal breaker! That’s intolerable.. what a pig! Lol

  38. Hahahahaahah dying Kyle

  39. Not petty!!! You’re boyfriend is a classless piece of garbage!!! And one day he’s gonna catch a good cuff in the head for it!!!

  40. Emily Tang says:

    That’s gross he has no manners eww

  41. Jesse Forget says:

    As if. LOL. If that’s a deal-breaker to you, the mere fact that it is a deal-breaker should be a deal-breaker for HIM. It’s unhealthy to keep farts in. Just ask him to keep them quiet if anything. Get over it.

  42. People still go to church?

  43. Janet True maybe pat has 2 girlfriends?

  44. Ron McNabb says:

    As Shrek said, ‘It’s better out than in!’

  45. Amanda LS says:

    Lmfao Nicholas Roy you

  46. Also, Donna Stacknik is this actually you posting about me!?

  47. Shelby Craig says:

    Jake Shaw don’t worry, ill never leave you because of your farts;)

  48. Raili O’Hara Kasta Pegler @me

  49. Chantal Dee says:

    If you can’t get passed something this trivial, maybe it best you don’t date…

  50. Jenn Morin says:

    Let it out. This is who he is. Unconditional love

  51. Dave McMende says:

    Locking the windows is going too far. That is cruel and gross. And in no way is it funny.

  52. Reily Burns says:

    Are you fucking 5 who ever posted this is mentally ill

  53. Jessy Vee says:

    Maybe look over your food menu at home? He’s eating garbage if he’s that gassy lol Maybe he’s trying to tell you something? Lol

  54. poor you. I divorced a farter……other reasons too, but…….

  55. Nicole Gemus says:

    wear a gas mask lol when u go out

  56. When did shout out become pms Central

  57. Tell him to grow up

  58. OMG if he has no class, then he has nothing to offer to you. We all fart but most of us have class and we do it with dignity.

  59. Farting is farting it’s so unhealthy to hold them in! Shit part of life grow up. Guy don’t give a fuck what people think neither should u

  60. Matt Noonan says:

    How is farting disrespectful? It’s a natural bodily function, is sneezing disrespectful? Or coughing?

    • I don’t think its the farting itself but the situation. Yes, go ahead and fart, but if Youre at dinner, I would say excuse yourself to fart at the very least.

    • Sasha Walker says:

      Coughing is disrespectful when you are in a room with a bunch of people but you are to darn busy with your cell phone to cover your mouth.

  61. Just sit on his face next time and fart.

  62. It means he has no respect for you believe me.

  63. I didn’t write this but it made me laugh lol Kyle Strom

  64. Ryan Taylor says:

    Tyler Çlattenburg hahahahahahah

  65. Eat the most nastiest stuff that makes you fart, hold it all in and let it rip.

  66. I had a gf like that.
    I thought it was funny at first but tried to draw the line at the dinner table.
    One morning I had enough and got upset and she started to cry.
    Told me its not because shes trying to be rude but cant actually physically hold them in.
    As time goes on you try to just laugh it off and make a game out of it because its easier and less awkward than telling everyone you cant chamber ur gas like everyone else.
    Wont get into the reasons why but theres people out there who have no choice but to let em go.

  67. Taylor Jones says:

    Quaffle on his Waffle every morning, maybe he’ll get the hint.

  68. Brian Smith says:

    Justin Bidal is this about you? Haha

  69. There is a time and a place. He is just being a fart.

  70. Hahahahaha. People fart. Get over it

  71. i’m pretty sure asking for manners isn’t being petty- i could be wrong mind you…… :/

    • Nope I’m with you. As an adult you learn basic manners… I get it maybe every once In a while for a joke. Boys will be boys. But really? Everywhere. Wth… might want to maybe tell him that your seriously want him to stop and if he can’t have a serious conversation with you then forsure a deal breaker!

    • if you’re going to have that conversation make sure you know the password to the couch fort ;P

  72. Jessica Bard says:

    That’s so ew. It’s not petty, he’s disrespectful

  73. Scott Seguin says:

    Jo Watson… did you write this babe

  74. If you can’t beat him, join him lol

  75. Adam Read says:

    LOL just LOL

  76. Maggie Bite says:

    No standing in line then he walks away

  77. Doug Bies says:

    Church farts are the best.

  78. Maggie Bite says:

    Just a guy thing. Lol