Whos the best family law lawyer in sudbury. My current lawyer is dragging their a** and not getting anything done. Its been 2 yrs now, and i am ready to change lawyers. I need one whos not afraid of a good fight, and wont shy away from a possible lawsuit.

Legal aid lawyer is preffered. But will pay if need be ( and yes i realize for results you gotta pay out of pocket, i just dont know how i will be able to do so at this stage)


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  1. Renee Leduc Renee Leduc says:

    Shannah Williams please tell me the name of a lawyer who gives a free 30 minute consult for anything other than personal injury. I’ll wait. There are maybe a handful in Sudbury. Paralegals do it, but lawyers? Not likely.

  2. It’s called selling yourself and making the person want to be yoyr representative. I personally wouldn’t want to drop that kond of money down right away just to find out the lawyer sucks at legal advice

  3. Renee Leduc but most lawyers and Paralegals will offer the first 30-60 minutes free before asking for a retainer fee.

  4. Renee Leduc Renee Leduc says:

    Shannah Williams it’s called a retainer. I don’t let anyone see my bosses without $2,500 upfront or they can see them for an hour for $300… paid before they walk in the office

  5. His son even had a lawyer of his his own through that child lawyer place. It does not matter. You’re lawyer can be the most amazing lawyer in the world and the other party will still find a way to tie you up in court. His ex used every trick in the book. Fired every lawyer she had because they couldn’t guarantee a win for her. This little boy got sick and his ex stole his son from him. The doctors were not supposed to release him into her custody, but the idiots did. If I werr this family memver I would sue the idiot doctors and the hospital

  6. Louise Lajeunesse regardless. Custody battles do no occur over night no matter who your lawyer is. This family member even had statements from his son saying he didn’t want to live with his mom amd wanted to go back home with his dad and it still took a year and half.

  7. Shannah Williams lawyer also makes a difference..its all in the delivery..damn right some are better than others!!!

  8. A lawyer is only as good as the information you give them ….

  9. Legal aid lawyers have a large case load and most times also have their own clients on the side from their private practice. As such you will not get the same level of service as you would by paying for your own in full.

    • I imagine you get prioritized. Case management is not an easy task and when people are paying big $$ out of pocket for the same services you are getting for far less , the lawyer is going to prioritize you accordingly. You are getting discounted or free services. If you were approved for subsidy then there unfortunately is likely no way that you can afford the retainer (unless approved for a loan or helped by family/friends). Contact legal aid and explain your situation and ask to switch lawyers. They will approve or deny. If approved ask for a list and research each one!

      Best advice I can give 🙂 good luck.

  10. Shylo Parent Shylo Parent says:

    Do it yourself. Just keep emotions out of paperwork

  11. Lisa parise, lance Talbot, mr. Brouillette….

  12. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    They are all buddies they all waste way to much of your money never answer you leave you hanging then they go for lunch and decide to fuck you even longer then become pen pals send letters back and forth then your broke and they both sell you out

  13. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    Not Tanya Farkou Martin do not take her if you want to be standing at a street light begging for Loonies

  14. Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

    No lawyer is going to take you on without a retainer. If you’re in legal aid, I’d be very curious how you’re coming up with a grand or two in cash, considering how a family isn’t supposed to make $24k combined or something like that.

  15. Betty Dupuis Betty Dupuis says:

    try Jerome Gardner…he is awesome…and not afraid of a fight

  16. Denis Pilon Denis Pilon says:

    First of all is this post from a male or female?And if possible try and get a lawyer from outta town, seems they are all buddies out here

  17. Denis Pilon Denis Pilon says:

    They will use up all your savings with useless letters they like to send like crazy and charge 150 a pop, go file a motion and do it yourself

  18. PM me what lawyer do you have now?’

  19. Renee Leduc Renee Leduc says:

    Legal aid has to give you permission to change lawyers. When you’re on LAO you can’t just fire you’re lawyer when you feel like it.

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