Fake experts

Take a minute to think about this. The “experts” that are telling people what do to currently, are the same experts that believe the following.
*Adding fluoride to drinking water is for your ‘health’
*There is nothing wrong with Spraying food with poison and allowing them to be sold.
*They allow gmo foods to be grown and then sold to families.
*They do not acknowledge vaccine injuries.
*They don’t have a problem with toxic filled sunscreens.
*Thinks eating organic meat and veg is harmful and dangerous
*They do not talk about the importance of a healthy immune system.
*They think that masks are going to protect you from a virus.
*They encourage the healthy eating chart that is linked with multi national food companies.
*They Encourage a flu vaccine that has not been independently safety tested.
*They are waiting for a vaccine that also will also not be throughly tested for long term implications.
*think that a large percentage of the population being chronically sick is normal
*The health minister is not a qualified medical professional.
*They Do not acknowledge that one of the largest causes of death is misdiagnosis and medical error.
*Thinks that type two diabetes cannot be reversed through diet.
*They Believe that EMF radiation isn’t harmful.
*And prescribing opiates is in the public’s best interest, while criminalising cannabis.

But hey, we better listen to them about this current health ‘concern’, because they are the experts and they know best. 🙏🌈❤️🐇



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  1. Anonymous says:

    You must be talking about how the Western health system has evolved. It is a business. Billion dollar Corporations. Healthcare must evolve and include holistic approaches. What we are doing is not working. There`s no reason for never ending cancer issues. There`s no reason for having a worldwide opioid pandemic. There`s no reason for increasing homelessness in every city. There`s no reason for not having state of the art and funded treatment centers versus supplying drug paraphernilia on demand. We are finding these everywhere within our cities therefore I don`t believe we are helping people in their times of need and giving them a chance to get better. There`s no reason for poverty. There`s no reason for continuous long term elderly care issues. When the people develop a mentality of wanting to take care of the people versus shifting the responsibility, we will have improvement. When people slow down the pace of life, become aware and sensitized to their environment and all whom composes it, we will have healthier communities. Who`s your community? Your immediate neighbors? Your colleagues? Is it inclusive? Exclusive? Currently the chain of command sprays the foods we eat whether you ask for this or not, taints the meats we consume whether you ask for it or not, produces never ending pharmaceutical products with dangerous and often times permanent and long lasting side effects whether you ask for it or not. We have some changes to make. Who are the experts? And who is taking care of who these days? In some form, we possess ourselves much knowledge and lived experience. Every community should have their own farms producing organic produce and meats. Our foods are making us ill. What medicines are around us that we are not aware of and for which ailments? You would be surprised. We have been so busy and distracted to some extent by consumerism, by all that is beautiful and shines, and we`ve become self-centered. I think we`ve allowed ourselves to shift some of our responsibilities which gives way to Corporations. Why are we not taking care of our own elderly. No time. No interest. No money? Perhaps we ought to reevaluate where we place our money, time and interests. If we continue to rely on Corporations ask yourself in the grand scheme of things, who`s best interest do they have at heart. These are my thoughts and worthy as opinions at best.

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