Fair and Honest Lawyer in Sudbury?

Looking for lawyers in this town is a joke majority know each other on a social basis! Collaborative law divorce is $40000 lawyers fees! The lawyers I have had didn’t try to settle, they want each step detailed and drawn out! I fired two lawyers then finished my divorce on my own.

Some of the judges have known the lawyers since they were kids. Question is, how mad you are to fight for the next 2-3 years and how much you are going to pay for there green fees? Kids first get a child advocacy lawyer for them to get fair and good process! The lady was just awesome for my 2 kids. Keep your life together and peace.


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  1. Jerome is about getting it done fast and fair and cares about family.

  2. Shawn Henry Shawn Henry says:

    Legal aid isn’t free… Nothing is free. We the tax payer paid up for that. You’re welcome

  3. Custody was addressed each year and each time he was told no simply from his actions and lack there of when concerning his son. If he payed for his own lawyer for 4 years and then proceeded into a trial, the courts would of made him pay my lawyer fees his lawyer fees on top of other costs since he had been told the same thing each year for four years. That’s s lot of money spent simply for being controlling greedy and selfish on his half.

  4. Joel Whipple yea I qualified his father didn’t. I tried for mediation but after he kept insisting on fighting with what the judges were saying and constantly causing problems I got a lawyer and asked that all contact be done through him. My concern was always whats best for our son in each home and always willing to compromise, if I was informed on what was actually going on, he’s not good on communication, so it was great that he could get advice file his papers call in about something that needed to be fixed without having to pay himself.

  5. Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

    Stephanie Lamarche how the hell did you find a free lawyer? Legal aide?

  6. I think somebody just figured out how the law system works.

  7. Al Manion Al Manion says:

    Fair…honest…lawyer. Never thought I’d see those words in that particular succession. Good luck.

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