Extracurriculars for 4 year olds

Hey All! I’m interested to know what extracurriculars you have your younger kids in?

My daughter just turned 4 and I would like to put her in at least 2 activities throughout the year, swimming being one.

We looked into music lessons but couldn’t find anything for her age. What have you parents had success with? Would like to get her into something with other kids and not just solitary activities.




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  1. dance is a great extra curricular, my sister and i we’re both put into dance at project dance when we were 3. kept us busy and my sister is still dancing there 10 years later

  2. Kindermusik has a program for 4 year olds. Mme Dionne teaches out of her home in the Valley.

  3. Music for young Children … Miss Ginny does classes out of her house. The Y is great because you can do swimming, gymnastic and even a beginner dancing class. At 4 it’s kinda limited.

  4. Get a membership at the ymca they have an assortment of activities that she can go in and try out different things that way she can find what interests her. Thats what I do for my kids.

  5. Erin Tre Erin Tre says:

    Consider getting a membership at the Ymca. There’s lots of activities to choose from.

  6. Skating, dance, gymnastics

  7. Amy Gee Amy Gee says:

    My grandkids are in dance classes ( both genders) and they love it. They have been in them pretty much since diaper days – there are a few dance school that take little tots.

  8. Why isn’t music lessons available anymore for kids 4/5 ? I took them that young and my older kids did as well 18 -21. I would love to find music lessons for my 5 yr old and well 3 soon to be 4 year old.

  9. Have you looked at the sudbury symphony orchestra. I remember they had kids programs and I thought they started young.

  10. If you get a membership at the y you can put her in swimming and another activity there, dance, gymnastics, karate. One monthly fee and she can do as many activities as you are willing to bring her to

  11. She’s 4 let her be a kid while she can ,over structuring her week isn’t good

  12. We did swimming and gymnastics, super fun and a great way to burn the excess energy!

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