Expose the love triangle and end this shit already!

I have had enough of seeing these posts. A love triangle that sounds to be like the wife or girlfriend is not so happy in her relationship and is taking it out on another female because she is with a cheater? How does any of this makes sense? Are you all buying into this crap without even knowing the full story? Well I for one either want to hear all sides or this site is trash now. Clearly someone sounds like the dont have the perfect relationship after all and has issues cause if we put all these stories together, it almost sounds as if the two lovers want to be together but the third party isnt happy about it and is trying to stop them. I dont know but what I do know is its getting old. Unless you offer us some info about who yous are, I’m off this site cause you or yous ( depending on how many are posting) sound very unstable. I sure hope yous all dont have kids involved in this sick twisted relationship or someone on here just might do something about it. You are all sounding trash like.


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9 Responses

  1. Renee Leduc Renee Leduc says:

    I don’t think yous is a word.

  2. Jane Gutman Jane Gutman says:

    Cash yous outside. Lol

  3. If you say “yous” one more time……

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