Experienced Pomeranian owners

I am adopting an older Pomeranian from out of town. I know with her age, I will have to adjust to her and her personality more than she will be adjusting to mine.

With that being said, I would like to be as prepared and educated on likely personality traits and behaviors she may have before I bring her home so that she can have a smooth transition to her new home. I have done my share of research, but you can never be too prepared when it comes to caring for another living being. How much exercise is ideal for a Pomeranian aging near 7 years old?

What is the best dog food for her and where can it be purchased? I heard Royal Cannin is top of the line for other dogs but I’d like to hear what experienced owners have to say specifically for this breed. Is there any likely health issues they are prone to that I should watch for?

Lastly, what is a recommended vet for small breed dogs? I really like Barrydowne as I have experience with them in the past but not for small dogs. If you have any experience with Pomeranians I am looking forward to hearing the experience you have to share. Thank you.



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  1. Jen Lavigne says:

    I have 2 pomeranians (10& 11 Years Old) & we buy Blue Buffalo Wilderness for small breed. Kinda pricey but seems to be good dog food. But probably not a good idea to change the food that the dog is already eating. Martindale Animal Hospital is really good with our 2. They defiantly do have a specific personality and sometimes they can be very yappy! Good luck with your new pom 🙂

  2. Laura Dee says:

    vet: Chelmsford or Martindale

  3. I have a Pomeranian. Message me if you want.

  4. Prepare for non stop barking and pissing in the house. Most nip to

  5. Raw food is the best way to go for any dog for a species appropriate deit!
    At the grooming shop we recommendation quest raw food and you can buy that at Garson Pet Food Express!

  6. Tricia Lynn Gaudreau Jeffery

  7. Jo Zee says:

    Not specific to any breed and not sure the reason you wouldn’t be feeding her the food she is already accustomed to. But when you do decide on a brand of food be sure to add a serving of canned pumpkin ( from the pet store ) to help her digestive tract with the food transitioning or she will likely get terrible diarrhea from the change of food. Good luck to you both.

  8. I have a pom who is 15 named Yodie.. I now feed him wellsness small breed senior dog food..I found Royal Cannin keep eliminating flavours and size of bags. Every pom is different when it comes to activity/energy. Mine was always a low key energy dog. He would rather be carried then walked..He loved to play with toys but not so much as he aged…I deal with Martindale vet but I’m sure any vet you are comfortable with is good.

  9. Adjusting to her personality is a bad mind set to have. New house new rules, start training immediately. Find out what the dog is eating currently, and bring her to a vet to be checked, and make sure all health conditions are being met.
    The dog will be unsure of the new home, so being firm with ur rules will help ease the dog into the home as it will be looking for guidance. Good for you for adopting and I really hope you love ur new dog as I’m sure they will love the good home.

  10. Must have some of her old food to mix with her new food to prevent making her sick! Mix 1/4 new to 3/4 old for a few days then half and half for a few days and then 3/4 new to 1/4 old for a few days and then the dog should be ok for all new food.

  11. I wish there were more dog lovers like you!

  12. I agree with going to Tail Blazers to discuss dog food options. Raw is a great choice if you get a good balanced prepared raw food. If you want kibble they also have high quality meat based kibble there as well.

    I’ve never heard of wanting a “small dog” vet. Unless someone tells me that Poms have some manner of inherent breed specific health issues, I’m sure any vet will do. If you’ve been to Barrydowne and have a good relationship with the vet there, go there.

  13. You can google this information. Or talk to someone at a local pet shop about diets. Maybe even talk to a vet about all your questions.

    I use Barrydowne for my miniature Dachshund and the vet we seen was so awesome with her. I believe her name was Dr. Ju. I can’t remember her full name but that was how she introduced herself

  14. First thing royal cannin is trash for any animal ,the best food is raw ,canned or corn free kibble Talk with tail blazers for the best option for you and your dog