Ex problems. Too old for this stuff.

Sometimes things aren’t always as they seem or as they’re told. Many times the whole story isn’t explained or one side gets embellished.

My predicament was one I take full responsibility for but I wasn’t who my ex made me out to be.

We started our “relationship” if that’s what you’d call it, as friends and he would make advances at me. I took one advancement later on and we stayed pretty sexual for years, although I was always vocal about how I wanted much more. Trust me I would have walked away had he not made it vocal also that he was wanting exclusivity but that one day we will be more than just booty calls.

I mostly kept up with the festivities thinking we would eventually move in together but years passed and that never happened. We broke up like it was going out of style, regularly. I was always telling him to stay away and stop calling let’s just end it and be friends since obviously my version of exclusivity was much different than his. Plus he was always spending time with other women. Yes he said they were just friends but I was looking to further advance our connection and solidify our bond so I wasn’t happy about all the time he spent with the other women friends. Then we’d wind up right back with each other sexing it up again as adults sometimes do but I still wanted more.

Anyways long story short, before I became pregnant I was hanging out with a male friend (purely friends) although he might have wanted more but I didn’t. I just needed a friend. The booty call bf found out and acted like he was surprised & upset etc. Even thought I broke up with him several times since he wasn’t ever ready for what i wanted. Fast forward to present we now have a baby & He’s always bashing me and telling his new girlfriend I’m horrible cheater etc. We have a child together. A beautiful human being came from us and we have to coparent. I just wish he’d let go of his pent up anger and grudges formed from a time before we met so that he can stop bashing me to his friends and his new girlfriend because it isn’t right. I haven’t been interested in dating anyone obviously since I just don’t have any interest or time while being mom. When I’m ready to start dating I will. To the exes out there who constantly bash their exes and don’t tell the whole story, please stop. Because the only one you’re hurting in the long run is yourself and your child with the little white lies and the pent up anger. If it didn’t work out so be it. If she or he did things you didnt like so be it. But move on and just focus on your beautiful child & yourself. It takes 2 to tango. Bashing another just shows how low you’re willing to stoop. And trust in a town like Sudbury, it’s like playing telephone and they just eat this shit right up. They love gossip and they love rumours. I don’t gossip or spread rumours. I’d prefer the same respect. We’re adults. Be good to he child and act accordingly in front of her & all will be dandy. I promise to do the same of course.



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  1. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    You said it gurl. Move on and focus on you and that baby. I do it alone with 2 babys. You can 2.

  2. Kyle Hupalo Kyle Hupalo says:

    When they say long story short after the story long as fuck, nice try o.p. maybe next time.

  3. everyone should start using condoms, so many unplanned pregnancies, kids coming into this world starting with issues before they are even get to be a kid. do people not know how to NOT have accidental children?

    • Linda says:

      Not up to you to judge on someone`s worth/purpose/reason to be in this world (i.e. someone else`s kids).

    • Tammy St. Louis really? Accidental children? I guess my daughter is no longer a blessing but rather “an accident” as she certainly wasn’t planned and I can assure you, her father and I were using safe precautions. FML

    • Melissa Allen well you are the exception not the rule i would guess about 90% of people who have had accidental children were NOT using protection ….

    • Tammy St. Louis BS …use condoms for crying out loud ..they are not that fucking stupid ..most of them do it on purpose just to have a man child so they they can hang on to them .. surprise you’ll still will not have him .. children having babies ..not saying all mom’s are bad .I’ve seen young girls are better dress than their little ones ..just pissed .have a great day whoever reading this .

    • Carolle Lehouiller some- not all!

  4. Here’s a new challenge for all you sudburians! Lmfao instead of airing your mental illness on social media anonymously, how about (cuz yall are sooooo keen on telling people about your problems and such) go up to a random person in the street and see how doing this in real life pans out….maybe you will all see how truly fucking retarded you are

    • Linda says:

      Might I suggest a bar of soap? There`s Ivory to choose from. Dove. Irish spring. You really have a great selection available to you. Lather it up real good. And shove it in there. Give it a swirl. Let us know what you think. Maybe count how many bubbles you`re able to make lol. Apparently people used this method to teach their kids how to speak properly, without using profanity. That means cussing and bad language. There`s a difference between a media platform and walking up and down the street. You obviously read the post. You could have chosen not to lol, like the rest of us. Someone has a need to air their challenges, so what? What`s it to you other than you don`t care. Ok. Have you heard of the word society? You live in one. Means there`s all kinds of people, from all walks of life and bla bla bla and we all share the same air. Hopefully we can be kind to one another. Hopefully, we can be compassionate. In the end you voiced your final opinion about pretty much anyone having a problem and looking for answers, or wanting people to give some thought to their own actions. Maybe you`re the kind that doesn`t want to change, better yourself or look for answers. Ok. Maybe you know it all. Don`t be dogging on people needing a hand up (emotionally, mentally, or whichever). The advice people get on here is free. And that`s all it is. Advice. Perspective. Opinion. Sometimes people feel like they don`t have anyone to talk to. Some times their support system sucks. And sometimes on this platform you`re just going to come across some things you just don`t give a squat about. So what.

  5. Omfg call this the therapy corner of sudbury!!!

  6. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    As much as I understand about it hurting the kids, You’re right about the gossip and rumors need to stop. Buttttt…What I don’t get today is that you girls are “giving it up” without a commitment! What ever happened to dating someone first, and getting to know them for awhile? If you think sleeping with the guy without any type of commitment is going to work out for you in the end you’re crazy. Guys love girls like that on the side but they don’t want that for a wife. You need to respect yourself before a respectable man will respect you! This type of relationship is exactly why there are so many children born without mom and dad living in the home. Please don’t take this as me being mean, but it’s the truth.
    I hope everything turns out for the child he at least see him or her.

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