Enough with the doctored photos!!!

Hey ladies of Sudbury! One thing I have noticed is that a lot of you are using highly filtered photos, to the point where you are unrecognizable! I actually stopped using dating sites because there was such a huge difference between the people in the picture and the people in person. I have actually not recognized women when we agreed to meet. I get you want to look good and I can certainly understand using a flattering photo and making sure your hair and makeup look nice, but you are lying to the world when you change how you look. No man is expecting perfection but I do expect you to look at least similar to your photo. I’ve noticed a lot of women that I went to highschool with post these amazing photos and I’ve though, wow, time has served you well, only to run into them and see the exact opposite. Everyone knows when you only post pics of your face you are likely carrying some extra weight, so why hide it? There is nothing wrong with being curvy. Celebrate you! Quit hiding ladies! I want to see the real you!!!



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  1. Ya let’s se you smille in all of your pics a real smille

  2. Cathy Lang haha you are hilarious
    See it’s funny to you and others but people like you settle because of loneliness or fear of being alone , then end up miserable. That’s a no for me

  3. Corey Walker Corey Walker says:

    You say “I want to see the real you”…..if you go out in public and actually lift your head from your phone you will see plenty of real women not using filters…and if you actually have a set….maybe you can do the unthinkable and strike up a conversation….like face to face, you know…in front of the real them…

  4. Cathy Lang Cathy Lang says:

    Rick OConnell that would be a diagnosis of asthma and indigestion…lol

  5. Kolt Rivere Kolt Rivere says:

    Omg yes love this post.(truth finally )

  6. yes but you still look like you.

  7. Just for one week…post that selfie of you just waking up….see who responds…
    Then when it’s date time,
    Totally doll yourself up…
    …..and see if p charming recognizes

  8. even sluts like grilled cheese.

  9. Rachelle Ransom ouch lol

  10. “false advertising” lol

  11. Maybe it’s that she’s wearing mustard gas for a perfume.

  12. Rick OConnell… you’d have more luck with the fridge mold.

  13. Dave Baker Dave Baker says:

    Didn’t know you could take a picture of a persons soul, get over yourself, get out of the shallow end.

  14. Rick OConnell not all of us use filters on our pictures.

  15. i thought Joey Anthony used his typewriter to meet you

  16. <– Hey ladies, I look exactly like my picture!

  17. Mike Reid Mike Reid says:

    No filter will fix my looks

  18. Women do that because most guys are dicks! They talk to you saying ih I like all women…blah blah blah…then its sorry you are too big….and your only a size 18!!!

  19. Dating sites…. men show up handsome in pics but send their dad or grandpa on an actual date

  20. Andie Cerson Andie Cerson says:

    The first thing you do on a first date is take her swimming!! That way there are no surprises!

  21. At least lay off the filters once in a while so if you get kidnapped there will be a missing person photo that actually looks like you!

  22. I can’t understand the logic to the filtered photos, personally if I have a picture taken of me, I want to remember reality. Not some fake image of myself. Same goes for selfies…

    I get playing around but if your rarely showing truth and only sharing altered pictures that speaks more about self esteem and other mental health issues then about looking “better”…

  23. And the duck look everyone its gotta go

  24. This may surprise you, but Instagram, Snapchat, and various photo filtering apps are available to ALL people, not just women.

    It’s not just women, men have some pretty badly photoshopped selfies too (myself included, but I admit that).

  25. Rick… you need to lower your standards. Be realistic. Have you tried dating the mold under your fridge?

  26. Filters are the only way I look beautiful.

  27. Because we know those women turn you on. Why crush your dreams???

  28. same with the men who uses fake photos on the dating site

  29. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    Ya this is bulls…..t …. I cant get a date that looks like her pics!!!! It does have to stop

  30. Did you really expect your date to show up with puppy dog ears?

  31. Kelly Jane Kelly Jane says:

    Chantal Helen Jeannine I know how much you love it when people use filters. I guess you’re not the only one…lol

  32. (*Objects on the phone screen may be larger than they appear)

  33. I’ve had quite a few encounters in public where people approach me and tell me they recognize me from my profile photos on POF lol.. or the less weird way, message me on POF later saying “hey, I saw you at Walmart today, right?”

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